Kinkao Thai Restaurant

So, on the 6th of June, it was the day after Khadija’s 21st birthday and we decided to go to a Thai restaurant (after days of searching for a place).

We took the DLR from South Quay to Island Gardens — from there it was a 2-4 minute walk. It was nestled in a little corner by the Thames, overlooking the expanse of blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

A waitress greeted us straight away and took us to a table by the large, bay windows. It wasn’t too busy, but there were quite a lot of customers already there.

Since we already knew what we wanted from looking at the menu online, we ordered straight away.

K ordered a berry mojito (unfortunately we can’t remember the name of the drinks) and I got a something (maybe summer?) on the beach mojito.

As for the starters, we ordered satay kai and tod mun pla.

The tod mun pla (fish cakes) was lovely, both K and I thought so. However, the dipping sauce was a bit too sweet for my liking and K wasn’t a huge fan of it. “It’s the kind of thing you get sick of really quickly,” she said afterwards. The satay kai was ok, albeit a little dry. And it could have been way better. If the chicken had been covered in the peanut butter already, instead of us having to dip it in with each bite, it would’ve met the standards we already had from Thai & Pie (review here.)

Picture by me
Picture by K

For the main course, K got the kaeng kiew wan (Thai green curry), which was made with coconut milk, aubergines, bamboo shoots, sweet basil leaves and green chilli paste. She said it was nice, a little sweet, but it left a weird aftertaste. If anyone knows what korma tastes like, it was like that but worse. Oh and the rice wasn’t washed. I got the kaeng daeng (Thai red curry). This dish had aubergines, bamboo shoots, green peppers, sweet basil leaves, coconut cream and red chilli paste, all of which added a bit of a kick to the flavour. It definitely tasted better than the green curry and I probably would have enjoyed it more if the rice had been washed.

You know when you can just tell that something is wrong with the food?

It was like that, except more sickening. The rice tasted dirty, which was completely off putting and it was too soft. But regardless, we probably will go back, just to try something else. The red curry was definitely a 6 out of 10, and K rates her dish a 5 out of 10. We both agree that the score would’ve been higher, if not for the rice.

Still, the interior is super cute, the views are calming (it looks out into the Thames, as well as the University of Greenwich). The customer service was pretty quick, even though it did get filled with people whilst we were there, which is commendable. So, would K and I recommend Kinkao Thai Restaurant? Yes. Yes, we would. It wasn’t terrible. Just don’t get the rice. 😉


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