Peggy Porschen’s Cakes: Worth the Visit?

If you’re on Instagram, then you will probably have seen various influencers and bloggers hitting up the chic bakery, Peggy Porschen’s Cakes, specialising in cute cakes, pretty cupcakes, other sweet treats, drinks of which ranges from teas to champagne.

For months, I’d been seeing pictures of it all over my social media, so my interest grew.

A while ago, a close friend of mine suggested we hit it up, see what all the hype is about and find out if it is just all pretty looks with not much else. We went when the flowers were in bloom, the sun was beaming down on us and the sky was a gorgeous, bright shade of blue.

Once there, we were seated on the only empty table by the window, looking out into the street and seats outside. The place was brimming with people, resulting in a pretty long line from the doorway. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long and after eyeing the cakes displayed at the counter, flipping through the menu, we both ordered a slice of cake and hot chocolate each.

I chose to get the Glorious Victoria cake, whilst my friend (a different Khadija–yes, I have two friends called Khadija, one is Pakistani and one is Bangladeshi. & I went to Peggy Porschen’s with the Pakistani Khadija) got the Dark Chocolate Truffle cake

The sponge of the cake was light, the hot chocolate quite warm, not hot, chocolatey and frothy–but I have had better. A slice of the layer cake costs £6.75 whilst the hot chocolates were £4.75 each, which is ridiculous. But I won’t lie, I was totally enamoured with the pale pink crockery. They’re so adorable!

Everywhere around us, the detailing of the café was all pink and floral, totally gorgeous. Whilst I did somewhat enjoy the cake and I found it to be soft, really liking the layer of raspberry jam and vanilla bean buttercream, it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would be. It was nowhere near as magical as the expectations Khadija and I had in our heads. I ended up feeling a little sick after finishing off my slice and the drink–it was all too sweet. In the words of Cheryl Cole, too much of anything can make you sick. Peggy Porschens’s, whilst good, is overrated and too expensive for what we get. And the wait definitely isn’t worth it either. Peggy Porschen’s is 3.5 stars out of 10, for sure.

For a place that’s so popular, it certainly didn’t live up to the hype (unless you count all the pretty pictures). I wouldn’t go there again. But do I recommend it? Sure, if you want some cute aesthetic Insta posts. But to spend your money on something that doesn’t fill you up, but only makes you feel sick? Not worth it. There are better places out there that are aesthetically pleasing, with good food that you’ll love to have again.

Have you been to Peggy Porschen? What did you think of it? And if you have recommendations of other places to try, let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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  1. Marie says:

    Oh thank you SO much for this post! I’ve seen this place all around on instagram, but I haven’t had a chance to get there just yet, even though I’ve been meaning to for so long… I think I’m going to stick to taking pictures of the pretty place and try the food someplace else, I love sweet foods, but when it’s too sweet, it can quickly make me feel a little nauseous haha. 🙂

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    1. wordsunfilteredbys says:

      you’re welcome, haha. yeah, i kept seeing it around and thought it looked super cute and obviously it’s instagrammable and really aesthetic, right? i went and it was just . . . so mediocre. not at all how everyone made it out to be. i can recommend you some other really good dessert places in east london if you want? (east has THE BEST dessert places ever. ooh i should do a review on them too! lol) yessss you should just go and take pics, then get food elsewhere. gosh, same here! it’s a shame. and then i crave savoury food afterwards 😂

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      1. Marie says:

        OH YES! Well if it’s not too bothering, I’d love to!! ❤ I'm always looking for these kind of great dessert places and ahh this is going to make me want to come back to london as soon as I can aah ❤

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      2. wordsunfilteredbys says:

        ok there are 2 really good dessert places i swear by! urban chocolatier in upton park aka green street (its in the east mall shopping centre – it’s mainly asian clothes in there but you can find some cute trousers/tops/maxi cardigans and coats/bags etc in i think the shop is called haiqah and aab and inayah! they’re tailored mainly toward muslims hence the abayas etc but if you do want clothes or whatever too, defo check them out. haiqah (again i THINK its called that) is like a modest zara 2.0). anyways, so yeah urban chocolatier!!
        (upstairs there’s another dessert place called waffle paradise but uc is way better!)
        and in stepney green, there’s a place called sweet. which is so! dang! cute! way better than uc in my opinion. you’ll love it. it’s super aesthetic as well ❤

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      3. wordsunfilteredbys says:

        also check out coffee & cream, i posted pictures of the english breakfast they do: it’s quite nice, can’t lie!

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      4. Marie says:

        AHHH AHH thank you so much for all of the recommendations, definitely writing them all down and ahh I’m so looking forward to going back there ❤ ❤ thank you SO much!!

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      5. wordsunfilteredbys says:

        you’re welcome!! ☺️💕

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  2. I love the pictures that you have used and awesome presentation really appreciated. Now I’m dying to try it. so tempting and mouth watering. I love the cakes of Yaadgaar East London .

    Have fun 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! It is quite pricey, but let me know how you find it when you do try the place! Ooh I’ll have to check it out, thank you. ☺️



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