Thank you so much to NetGalley and Wattpad for sending me a copy of Trapeze to review. In no way does this affect my review or rating! ^.^

How do you trust the ground when all you’ve known is flight?

Flying high above the big top has always been Corey Ryder’s passion. Trained as a trapeze artist from a young age, it’s the only life she’s ever known—but when a tragic accident puts a halt to the traveling circus she calls home, she’s forced to a standstill. Now, she’s a normal high school student living an anything but normal life, staying with the mother she’s never known, and trying to fit in to small-town Sherwood, California. When her friendship with the local golden boy, Luke Everett, grows into something more, Corey finds herself defending old misconceptions, navigating new love, and balancing the high-wire act of being true to who you really are.


Trapeze is a book I first read on Wattpad and fell head over heels in love with almost instantly. It’s about Corey, who’s a trapeze artist in Mystique, a travelling circus — she lives with her aunt and the rest of the crew. They’re constantly on the move. After a pretty horrifying incident, Corey is sent to live with the mother she hasn’t seen in fifteen years and doesn’t remember. There, she starts attending high school, making friends and trying to figure out the friendship-maybe-hopefully-something-more with Luke Everett, a totally charming guy with the kind of smile that’ll make you swoon.

As soon as I heard it was getting published, I shrieked in excitement. Because holy mother of a freakin’ cupcake, I’ll get to have a physical copy of it! I requested it on NetGalley straight away and was so glad I was accepted. Leigh Ansell, the author, is immensely talented and though I’ve only spoken to her once, I just know she’s such a sweetheart and I’m so proud and happy that she’s come so far. From writing on an online platform to getting her book in print? That’s amazing.

I literally finished reading it about an hour ago and I’m just sitting in awe. I loved this book. It was phenomenal and so, so well written. I did notice some changes from the Wattpad version and if anything, it got even better. Leigh’s writing has always been amazing but it’s only improved over the years, and this version of it is marvelous, honestly. When I finished reading it, I knew that this is a book I will be raving about to all my friends. It touches on the things we try to push away, making us realise that sometimes the cycle we’re in isn’t always right and it isn’t something we should be used to. It makes the reader realise that when seeing something — when finally seeing beneath the surface and the mask someone puts up — that is so awful and harrowing, there needs to be something done about it.

In some ways, it was reminiscent of Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I won’t say why. But the latter half of Trapeze really reminded me of that particular book.

Trapeze is a book that has always stood out amongst other Wattpaders, and this version is no exception. The description is crafted in a way that clearly made me envision everything that was happening, I smelt and saw all the food in Joe’s, I felt everything Corey felt — I felt her fear, I felt her anger, I felt her pain, I felt her joy, I felt her trepidation, I felt her nervousness. Her thoughts echoed mine as I continued reading on, eager to get to a resolution because it was terrifying being in the midst of the bad, the climax of the story, worrying that everything would continue to fall apart.

The ending was actually one of my favourites, just because of how realistic and true to life it is. I applaud Ansell for writing it like that. However, the issue I did have is the lack of representation. From my understanding, all the characters are white and there’s not enough LGBT representation — which is nothing at all like real life, so that was disappointing.

I do also feel like Corey’s relationship with her mother could have been explored further, instead of glossing over it for half of the book. Her mum was hardly in it, save for a few scenes that helped to drive the plot forward — but it would have been nice for her to be in it a little more.

Despite this, like I said, I loved the book. More than once, I had tears in my eyes (ok, twice — but that is enough. Any writer can make their reader laugh, but it takes real talent to bring them to tears.) The little subplot was written well, and sensitively, but I do feel like there was something missing. I don’t know what — but just . . . something wasn’t there. It felt like it got handled too quickly, too easily, tied up in a neat little bow at the end.

But overall, I rate this book five stars. It was amazing. I loved the friendship, I loved how Corey struggled with Calculus (ew, numbers), I loved Joe’s, I loved the writing and all the descriptions. Honestly, my mouth watered at all the talk about the curly fries (which I’m seriously craving right now!) and it was just great. I definitely think this is a book you guys gotta read, especially if you want a book about self-identity, centred on friendships and trying to fit into a new place. It’s beautiful and the kind of story that you’ll want to finish in one sitting.

So tell me, is Trapeze on your TBR? Have you read it on Wattpad? What books are you most looking forward to this summer and autumn? Let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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