Alto by San Carlo

hey lovelies!

so i thought i’d start off with a food review of this gorgeous italian restaurant in the heart of west end. it’s located in selfridges, oxford street, with its own lift. how cool is that?

i’ve been to this place twice.

the first time for my friend, mahfara’s birthday (we were on the hunt for aesthetic restaurants and i came across alto on instagram and suggested it), and then for my birthday with nahima and shajjy.

for my birthday, we didn’t bother taking pictures since we were absolutely famished! but there are a few from the first time i went.

the food altogether from the pictures above totalled to about, i believe, £50-£60, for the three of us. maybe less? unfortunately i can’t quite remember.

but i got the lasagne looking aubergine pasta thing (melanzane parmigiana) — which was lovely; very cheesy, very delicate, melted in my mouth. it was super filling. but it was more lasagne-like than pasta. i’d say it was a 3.5 out of 5 stars. it was £10.50

khadija, my friend, got a lobster pasta (ravioli lobster) which, again, was super delicious and i’m definitely going to try that when i go again. £15.25

mahfara got a truffle pasta (truffle and pecorino ravioli), which was super cheesy and creamy and it was amazing. i’d have to say hers was definitely the best. £13.45

the gelato was the fcking bomb. it was gorgeous. i loved it.

the customer service was wonderful, everything was done quick and everyone was efficient. plus there were a few hot waiters. one in particular i couldn’t keep my eyes off of haha 😂

so obviously i went again, in august.

i wish i had pictures to show you guys!

i gotta say, i defo preferred the vibe at night time. it was so much more chilled, relaxed and the whole atmosphere, overall, was amazing.

it was very sicilian

shajjy, nahima and i all got different types of pasta/spaghetti, with some kind of pork in it. i got something called the paccheri which was £10.20 and guys, it was fcking delicious.

shajjy got spaghetti carbonara, and it was lovely from her description. her dish cost £11.35

nahima chose the tagliolini venezia and she loved it! £13.45

we didn’t get dessert, but came home and had cake + strawberries and cream bailey’s which was incredible.

the second time i went, the service was a little slower and the bald waiter with glasses was rather rude to nahima. which was just abysmal. and disappointing.

despite that, i am so going to go to alto again. it’s awesome, the vibe is great and it’s literally like you’ve just been transported to italy.

i would definitely recommend you all visiting. it’s worth it and the food is incredible!

what are some of your favourite italian restaurants? and have you heard of alto by san carlo? let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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