Las Iguanas: Cocktails and Heart-to-Hearts

hi, my loves!

i hope all your weekends are going well? i’m kind of drowning in reading for uni and looming deadlines! but in the middle of making notes, drafting my essay and reading 5 different books, i figured i’d do a little review on Las Iguanas.

Las Iguanas is a gorgeous Mexican restaurant with branches all over.

and their cocktails are to freakin’ die for.

usually, when i visit, i always get the Blazing Bird with curly fries. it costs around £13 or £14.95, i believe? maybe a little less, by 20 or so pence.

however, this time, i decided to go for the Chicken Enchilada, which was goddamn heaven, with the mixed salad. £12.75 + £3.75, which isn’t bad.

i also got the new Flamingo-Go-Go cocktail, as they were doing 2-for-1. as i got it twice, it cost £25.90

the other cocktails belonged to my friends, both of them got the Pom Pom Patron.

chelsea later got the Passion Zombie cocktail, which was £12.95, and shenese again got the Pom Pom Patron, which made the total for that cocktail come up to £38.85

they both got the veggie Bean Burger with extra brie, costing £24 in total for both.

as i had never tried the Chicken Enchilada before, i was very sceptical about how it would taste, particularly as it had chickpeas. but i have never had a bad experience with Las Iguanas, so i wasn’t too nervous about trying something new.

earlier that day, a group of us had gone to Tate Modern for inspiration and then shenese, chelsea and i decided to grab dinner. we were starving and tired.

the first bite was like absolute heaven.

it was freakin’ amazing and i quickly dug in. the cocktails had arrived before the food, obviously, and the taste of tequila and malibu in them were a little strong but not overpowering.

and how cute is this little flamingo cup?

(side note: they also do fabulous mocktails.)

the chicken had the tiniest bit of a kick to it, and i could taste the peppers and smoky chipotle sauce. it wasn’t as spicy as i usually have at home, but it was a decent amount — sometimes too much spicy/hot food can get a little boring. so this was perfect.

i once had the mixed salad in 2014 and hated it. but this time . . . well i fell right in love with it.

it was amazing.

the atmosphere within this particular branch was really lovely and super chill. we were sat kind of towards the back, with a pretty view and families on either side of us.

pretty soon after the second cocktail, i could feel myself getting a tad tipsy and it was the kind of feeling where you’re happy, like you’re floating and everything’s just good.

the conversation with the girls drifted from the books we were reading to the boys who’d come and gone from our lives to the men who’d changed things, to friendships we no longer had and the broken hearts some of us (me) were in the midst of healing.

we talked about religion and culture, about the journey fraught with hardship for brown girls. for girls having to pretend to be someone they’re not.

sometime during this conversation, we ordered dessert.

the same thing for all of us:

brownie and ice cream, which cost £4.95 each.

the first thing chelsea and i noticed was that it looked like the snitch, which made me super happy.

the total bill came to £105.37, not including tips. we spent £77.70 on drinks, way more than the food. wild.

honestly, guys, this was one of my favourite nights, one that i will remember, probably forever. i loved how good everything was that evening and i miss the vibes, the feeling of being carefree and just chilling with them.

Las Iguanas is definitely one of the top places i’d recommend for a girls night. especially the South Bank branch.

i can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re into Mexican, Brazilian, or Cuban food.

my rating?


5 golden stars.

i really hope you guys choose to check this place out! it’s amazing. when you do, let me know your thoughts. or have you already been to Las Iguanas?

Sumaiya, x

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