Yada Yada

in my recent post, i mentioned Yada Yada, an adorable breakfast club in Berlin. halfway in our journey from East Side Gallery to Checkpoint Charlie, Nahima and i came across this stunning little café.

we walked in and were instantly seated.

the inside was just as pretty as the outside, but unfortunately i didn’t really take many pics of the decor (i wish i had.)

i ordered a hot chocolate, as always, and Nahima got a latte macchiato

the hot chocolate was around €2.70 and, quite frankly, a massive disappointment. it was lukewarm and nowhere near chocolatey enough for something that’s supposed to a hot CHOCOLATE.

we basically got the same thing, except i chose poached eggs and Nahima picked scrambled. there were sliced sausage pieces, a delicious salad with chia seeds and some mint thing, and toast. i wish i still had the receipt, or even remembered the name of this dish, but i don’t. (sorry about that!)

however, what i can tell you is that it was amazing. honestly. the eggs were cooked perfectly, the sausage slices were heavenly and the salad . . . god, the salad was utter perfection. it was the best part. (the toast was great too!)

i’d never been so in love with a salad before!

but i mean okay, the cheese on the eggs looks ugly as fuck — the presentation could have been way neater. (doesn’t it look like they just got the cheese out of the packet and dashed it on??)

the chef was a total sweetheart; he made sure we were comfortable and was super lovely to us the entire time we were there. he took our order and brought our food out to us, too.

the guy behind the counter, who we spoke to when we first went in, was rude and moody as fuck. which was understandable, considering he’d probably had an early shift. and morning shifts are not the one. especially in retail. especially in food retail.

despite the general moodiness from that guy, the customer service was fab and the food was amazing and filling. kind of just want to go back to Berlin to have that again, to be honest.

i’m telling you, if you ever go to Berlin, check out Yada Yada.

or could they make one in London?

because that would be great.

but due to the crap hot chocolate, and the dirty look we got from the guy at the start and then from his girlfriend when we were about to leave, i’d say Yada Yada is a 3.95 on my rating.

but bonus point because! we made a friend!

so because of our lovely doggo friend, the AMAZING salad which was what made the entire thing great, the prettiness of the entire cafe, i will definitely recommend this place.

our total came up to €24, for us both, which is basically the same, or cheaper, than London prices.

if you’re ever in Berlin, make sure to check out Yada Yada.

breakfast food is everything. i love it so much and can eat it at any time of the day.

speaking of breakfast food and places, what’s your favourite place for brunch?

Sumaiya, x

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