Ristorante Roma

after walking around in the freezing cold for a few hours in Berlin, Nahima and i were shivering, starving and praying we’d find somewhere good (and cheap) to eat.

then, lo and behold, like the angels had answered our prayers, Ristorante Roma appeared in front of us.

it looked like an american style diner with the checked red and white tablecloths, but the candles and roses gave it a much more fancy, slightly romantic, atmosphere.

the moment we walked in, i noticed people glancing at us, which made feel a little bit uncomfortable. i hate people looking at me.

but i tried not to let it show, or get to me.

the waiter showed us to a table a little further into the restaurant, with a couple to our left. the vibe of the place itself was a little fancy shmancy, which was at odds with the pricing of the items and the totally not boujee tablecloths.

as we’d already perused the menu outside, we knew what we wanted to get: pork salami pizza for Nahima and the funghi e olive for me.

when the pizzas arrived, i was a little astonished at just how big it was. like . . . i shit you not, it was massive.

it was also incredibly cheesy.

perhaps too cheesy.

both our pizzas cost €8.90 and the small bottle of water cost €2.50 (extortionate much?)

our total was €20.30

the thing with me is that i’m not a massive fan of thin pizzas, at all. i really prefer them to be thiccc. but despite that, it was still damn good, especially for the price.

a little more than halfway through, i began to feel really full and a tiny bit sick. but neither of wanted to waste the food, so we pushed ourselves to finish it off.

we did, however, end up leaving the crusts.

the entire time, the couple next to us kept looking over at us, which only made us feel super uncomfortable and wanting to get the hell out as fast as we could.

usually, we tend to just chill in a restaurant for a little bit after eating, to let the food digest. but after finishing off our pizzas and the water, and paying, feeling everyone watching us, we practically sprinted out of the restaurant.

it could’ve ruined the experience, but it didn’t. not really. just made it extremely annoying.

the pizza was great, though. Nahima said she did feel a little sick, since she’d had nothing but pork since we got to Berlin and there was so. much. cheese on the pizza.

overall, i think i would like to go there again, if i ever went back to Berlin. it was nice, since it was a local, small business restaurant instead of a massive chain. the waiters were lovely and didn’t make us feel at all uncomfortable or like ‘Others’, unlike the customers.

it’s a solid 3.25 out 5, because a) the water was way too expensive and why the fuck did they not allow us to have tap water? water is a human right, you know! and b) those damn people staring at us. what are we? museum exhibits?

anyways — i definitely do recommend this place. it’s cheap and totally worth the price.

are there any good pizza places you know? have you ever gone somewhere and felt super uncomfortable? let me know in the comments!

Sumaiya, x

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