Gourmet Burger Kitchen

haaaaii ^.^

i’m back with a food review, since i have missed writing about food and occasionally waxing lyrical about the stuff i’ve devoured.

wait have i ever actually done that?

probably not.

unless raving about the salad from Yada Yada, and the salad and the chicken enchilada from Las Iguanas counts?

but anyways, this review is on GBK, a super cute restaurant specialising in . . . gourmet burgers.

i went a while ago with this girl from my previous university, before i changed courses and university.

i got the Chick Chick Boom burger (awesome name, i know), which was £9.65 and had delicious garlic mayo and blue cheese slaw. can’t lie, it was a damn good burger. not great. but definitely good.

the fries were £3.45 and mediocre. i’ve had better.

the girl i was with got the GBK Cheese & Bacon burger, which cost £10.25, alongside skinny fries, which was also £3.45

we both got sea-salted caramel milkshakes, a grand price of £4.95 and not at all worth it. the taste was too milky, and disappointing af.

i’d probably visit GBK again, to try something new, as i definitely did enjoy the meal. but i do think it’s slightly overpriced for what you get. it’s a 3/5, and i’m a little on the fence on whether i’d recommend it or not lol

have you been to GBK? what’s your favourite burger spot?

Sumaiya, x

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