Cafe East

Cafe East is the latest hotspot for numerous instagrammers and it’s been making its way round twitter, as the place to go to for brunch.

so of course, i just had to check it out with N. since, you know, brunch is Our Thing.

we can afford to get brunch, but we can’t afford to buy the nivea lip balm we said we would get 10 years ago. it’s just tragic.

a few years ago, we’d only get Mcdonald’s and catch up on the going-on’s at school. fast forward to 2017 and it’s turned into grabbing a late breakfast or early lunch, chatting about guys, the goals we hope to accomplish and dreaming of a life where we’re not held responsible for our families’ reputation.


a while ago, we’d been talking about meeting up and talking about upcoming plans. i suggested we check out Cafe East, located in Bow, East London.

i figured finding the place would be easy, since it was just a 10 or so minute walk from the station, if that.

but no.

the road was long, the day was hot.

it was a confusing journey, to say the least.

but we got there and it was packed. with. so. many. people.

thankfully, we managed to snag a table, practically on the laps of the couple beside us.

(have you guys noticed that wherever Nahima and i go to eat, there’s always a couple at the next table??) (even in Ristorante Roma, there was a couple. and in Yada Yada). (why must the universe taunt us so?)

anyway, so we had a look around the place, at what other people had ordered and then decided to get the ‘Beast from the East’ — 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 hash browns, bacon sausage (halal), mushroom, tomatoes & beans. there was also a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of fruit, too. it cost £13.90.

which is, clearly, an extortionate price for merely breakfast.

the presentation was decent; it’s clearly the kind of thing you photograph just for its aesthetics, before digging into.

the combination of sweet and savoury together was something new and a little weird, not going to lie, but it was nice.

we both did enjoy it, but it was nothing spectacular, and way too steep of a price to pay. fair enough if there was a lot more on the plate.

i don’t remember the price of our hot drinks (i got a hot chocolate & Nahima got a latte), but i do remember that it cost more £2.

despite the fact we polished off our plates, it wasn’t as satisfying as i’d thought it would be. however, it was super filling and i didn’t eat again til, like, 10pm or something that night.

would i go again? maybe, but i’m leaning more towards no.

because of the commendable presentation and how filling it was, i’d give this place a 3 out of 5.

would i recommend it? sure, if you want pretty pictures of your food!

is there anywhere you really like to go to for brunch? what’s your favourite place? let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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