Grounded Coffee Company (part 2)

hey, lovelies!

i hope you all had a good sunday! mine was spent with family, catching up and discussing the future and having fun “remember-when” conversations, followed by fat, greasy takeout food!

it was pretty great.

but now i’m home, under my blanket, fairy lights twinkling bright and colourful, putting up a part two of my review on Grounded Coffee Company.

if you read my previous post on the place, you’d know that i really really really really wasn’t a huge fan of it.

i also said that i wouldn’t go back.

but guess what?

i did go back. seems like i enjoy giving not just people second chances, but places too.

and whaddaya know, i’m writing another little review on Grounded Coffee. yay!

this time, i, of course, went with Nahima. she got there a little before i did, but the staff wouldn’t give her a table because i hadn’t arrived yet.

which is, like, so freakin weird???? what place does that? they’re not that boujee.

but when i did get there, it took another 15 minutes for us to be seated. right by the door. which was shitty and extremely annoying.

but i digress.

after flipping through the menu, Nahima settled on the beef sausage breakfast, but with scrambled eggs instead of fried, costing £9.50 and a mocha which was £2.50 or £3.00.

i opted for the eggs benedict, plus smoked salmon, which cost £8.50 and £3.00 respectively. my chai latte was £2.50 or £3.00.

as this was my first time trying eggs benedict, i wasn’t sure what to expect from it.

but i do have to say that it was actually really lovely and the yolk was perfectly runny.

the sausages, like last time, were great and i definitely preferred this to the beef sausage breakfast, which is what i got last time.

i do think the english muffins could’ve been a little better, something about them was just a bit . . . mehhh, if you know what i mean.

the salmon was decent—i’ve definitely had better, so i lowkey regret paying an extra £3 for it.

the turkey bacon was alright, much better than last time! so i can’t really complain about that lmao, and i really liked my chai latte.

however, the chai latte from Paul Rhodes Bakery is much, much, muchhhhh better!

but would i go back to Grounded Coffee Company, you may be asking? and the answer is yes. yes i would.

the service was cool, after we got seated and i made the waiter laugh by saying ‘thank you’ in Japanese haha, and i enjoyed it more this time.

maybe that has to do with the company as well, because with Nahima, i’m more me and i feel a hundred times more comfortable than i do with anyone else.

i’d say this time, i’d give it a nice, solid 3 out of 5. maybe the third visit will be even better?

Sumaiya, x

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