Dalloway Terrace

this morning, Nahima and i went to Dalloway Terrace for breakfast. whenever we meet, one of us is always late.


(usually, it’s her.)

thankfully, i’d called up Dalloway the moment i got to the tube station, because i knew we’d end up running late.

when we did get there, we were shown to a table straight away, and obviously took some pictures.

because one does not go to aesthetic places and not take pictures.

it’s simply unheard of!

after taking over 100 pictures, we both finally settled on ordering the berries buttermilk pancakes, which was £9, plus sweet-cured bacon, an additional £3.

Nahima got a latte, which was £4.50

how horrendous is this latte art?
can it even be called art? loool

and i, obviously, got a hot chocolate. also £4.50

the food arrived a little after the drinks did—the wait for it wasn’t too long!

as we both spent hours scouring Dalloway Terrace’s instagram and the hashtags, we knew what the pancakes would look like.

we just hadn’t been prepared for how ugly the ‘art’ on the drinks would be.


our pancakes arrived and, like every other visitor, we took a few (maybe 3, or like 10) pictures.

the presentation was pretty!

the pancakes were lovely, fluffy and light! i definitely enjoyed them, and the berries were quite nice to have too.

however the lemon curd could’ve been more . . . lemony. there just wasn’t enough of that lemon zest; it wasn’t strong enough. had it been, the pancake would’ve tasted even better.

after pouring a bit of the syrup on the plain pancakes, i found that i did kind of prefer it without the syrup.

it could have perhaps been a little thinner. it was a) way too sweet, and b) too thick.

maybe i’m getting too old or something, but i just can’t stand things that are too sweet anymore and the syrup just wasn’t it.

it does look like fairy gold though, which was nice. or like some kind of nectar of the gods.

whilst the pancakes were delicious, the hot chocolate was absolutely disgusting and watery. just awful. it was worse than the hot chocolate i had from Yada Yada, and that’s saying something, since that one was baaaaddd.

it’s one thing for the art on it to be shit, but for the taste? like how hard is it to make nice hot chocolate?

absolutely abysmal.

and as for the latte, to quote Nahima: “it tasted like poo.”

not sure how she knows what poo tastes like? but that should sum up how awful it was.

and the bacon was scrumptious!

it was lovely to have real bacon, instead of the fake one á la Grounded Coffee Company (find my reviews here & here).

it was just the perfect amount of crispy and everything. it was good. there’s no other way to describe it, really.


how good does it look????

all in all, i would definitely revisit Dalloway Terrace. their service was fabulous, the food was good, but the drinks were absolute shit.

(really, save your £4.50 — get tap water instead!)

i’d give Dalloway Terrace a 3.5 out of 5, as the service was phenomenal, the pancakes & bacon were *chef’s kiss* wonderful! but the drinks were atrocious. utterly horrid!

other than that, i totally recommend you check it out! and there are, of course, options for your dietary requirements, eg vegan/vegetarian/halal.

definitely give Dalloway Terrace a visit and let me know what you think!

Sumaiya, x

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