Chai Ki

i never really go to Indian restaurants, since i basically eat rice and curry at home anyway. but something about Chai Ki just really intrigued me, and i had to give it a little visit.

kind of glad i did, tbh.

it’s a cute, slightly fancy restaurant with a few branches spread out across London. i visited the one in Canary Wharf.

as it was a little boujee, my friend and i dressed up a bit, and saw a ton of business meetings/lunches and whatnots happening. there were a lot of white people there.

whenever i walk into a room full of primarily white people, i feel super uncomfortable and hyper aware of being an ethnic minority.

but thankfully the visit wasn’t bad and it wasn’t as awkward as Ristorante Roma. nobody was paying attention to us. that’s what i love about London.

nobody gives a shit.

which, okay, sometimes isn’t great.

anywhoooo, my friend and i were shown to a table the moment we walked through the doors, and we chose the fixed price lunch menu, both getting a three course meal which was £21 each. super decent.

for the starters, i got the malai chicken tikka, which was lovely, and my friend got the beef seekh kebab.

the presentation was stunning and the taste was marvellous. the beef kebab was also commendable. the spices were definitely used well and we both enjoyed our starters.

the moment we finished off our starters, the waitress came and took the trays away, and let us know our mains would be arriving soon.

for our main, we both got the amritsari chicken, which included punjabi spices, cream, chicken thigh tikka and star anise. (which i’ve never actually heard of before.)

as soon as it arrived, i found myself super impressed, with the look of it as well as the aroma. it smelled incredible!

it was incredibly yummy.

and thankfully the rice was washed. (take note, Kinkao!)

the rice and chicken curry was lovely, incredibly tasty, however i do feel it could’ve had a bit more of a kick to it. the spices could’ve been stronger. it wasn’t fiery enough, but the undertones of it was there. it just didn’t have enough jhal-ness to it.

(jhal = hot, spicy.)

despite that, i quite liked the meal, which was followed by dessert.

again, we got the same: chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream.

delicious, or what?

how pretty and scrumptious does it look???

although the tables aren’t exactly super aesthetically pleasing, the food itself are highly instagrammable for those of you who enjoy feeding your camera too!

i enjoy taking pictures of everything. for the memories. to capture all the little moments, so i remember for years to come.

by the time i got to my fourth bite of the incredibly mouth-watering fucking AMAZING cake, i started to feel slightly nauseous. and full.

but i didn’t want to waste it. i mean, there was such a little bit left. and food. why waste it?

i was raised with my parents telling me to never waste food, because for one thing it goes against the religion i grew up with, and people are starving every day. and we’re blessed enough to have food on our tables.

so i try my best to never leave anything wasted, even though yeah, i didn’t finish off the crusts from my pizza once or twice.

but let me tell you just how wonderful this cake was.

like . . . have you ever had such an amazing orgasm that made your toes curl and you saw fireworks and your entire body was tingling, on such an epic high?

it was like that. but in my mouth.

which sounds dirty af. oops.

but really, it was so good.



ambrosian good.


this place is a solid 4 out of 5, and i can’t recommend it enough.

plus, there’s a lot to do nearby! and super cute date spots, like some . . . gardeny type of thing.

which is actually called crossrail place roof garden.

super aesthetic, super romantic, super awesome.

and obviously there are docks and piers nearby, so watching the boats go by is really nice too.

have you been to Chai Ki? is it on your list? (if not, you should totally go.)

Sumaiya, x

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