Urban Chocolatier

one of my new-year’s-slash-new-decade’s resolutions is to eat healthier and be mindful of what i put into my body. this involves cutting back on sugar, junk food (with the exception of chocolates once a month) and other processed foods.

so obviously i had to review one third of my favourite dessert places.

(but i really am trying out the whole new decade, new me thing.)

since, you know, the previous new year, new me never really worked out. that, and i gave up on the 2nd january usually.

but me choosing not to eat a shit ton of junk and indulging in the deliciousness of sugary, chocolatey, calorie containing food obviously means looking at the pictures and remembering how awesome it all tasted. and wanting it. salivating over it. thinking maybe i should just order a waffle from Urban Chocolatier?

and Urban Chocolatier, my lovelies, is a dessert parlour that opened back in 2015, i think it was, when i was in year 12.

i remember, because my friend, Farheen, and i used to visit the place once every week. when everything cost under £8.

before it got wildly popular and the prices skyrocketed. not that it stopped us from going or anything.

this post will be loaded with pictures from just a few times i’ve visited, since i don’t exactly have the pictures of what i got in 2015.

first up, is the brownie sizzler (£7.95)

i went to Urban Chocolatier that time with my nieces, S & K, before my cousin’s wedding. we’d been making shopping, checking out some bangles, before deciding to grab some food. and of course, dessert is a must when getting food.

the skillet it comes in was extremely extremely hot. i had to wait for the brownie to cool down a little bit, before taking a bite.

and it was amazing.

it had that delicious melt-in-your-mouth chocolate taste to it, and the right amount of soft and (i hate this word!) moist. it was fluffy as well. the combination of the hot brownie with the ice cream was just spectacular.

4/5 recommend.

(the red velvet cookie dough cost £7.95 and was amazing!!)

the next time i went, again with Shuzana & Khadijah, we got mocktails and waffles.

classic mojito, redbull mojito + strawberry mojito = £4.95 or so each.

i had the redbull mojito, which was great and i actually seriously want it again. for some time, i was seriously addicted to redbull. i’d drink it every day.

Urban Chocolatier’s mocktails are good, but there are better ones out there. 2/5, do recommend, especially if you want something other than just water to help with the sweetness.

bruno bueno waffle (£8.25), go bananas waffle (£7.25) + cookie monster waffle (£6.95)

i chose to get the bueno waffle, as i’d had the cookie monster waffle once before, as well as the bananas one.

i’m a huge fan of kinder bueno, so i was excited to try this waffle. and i wasn’t disappointed.

i ate it quickly, so i wouldn’t feel too sick or full, because what i’ve noticed is that the slower i eat chocolatey/sweet stuff, the more sick i feel.

this waffle was definitely enjoyable, albeit very very chocolatey and very sweet. obviously. but i definitely prefer it to the cookie monster waffle.

3.5/5 recommend!

as we all know, london is very rainy. so when Khadijah and i couldn’t be bothered to go out, but were craving cookie dough, we decided to order in.

because why not?

cookie dough mug shot (£6.95) + brownie pieces (£2.50) + m&ms chocolate (£1.50)

probably not the best decision i made to add on the extras, but nobody ever said i make good decisions.

it was an extremely chocolatey cookie dough. but god, was it fucking good!

i loved it. 5/5 recommend!

K got also got the cookie dough mug shot, with sliced bananas added on (£1.50) and chocolate brownie pieces.

‘twas heavenly. highly recommend. definitely 5/5 too.

what’s better than having cookie dough and watching movies on a rainy day?

nothing. nothing at all.

🌷 one thing you should probably know about me is that i adore churros.

i think they’re the best thing on earth. they’re, like, god’s gift to us or whatevr, you know?

so when i saw that Urban Chocolatier had added churros (£7.95) to their menu, i knew i had to get it.

how heavenly does it look?????????

it was incredible, you guys. just fantastic. muy bien. *chef’s kiss* perfect!!

the strawberries were great too, defo would’ve been better if there was, you know, more.

obviously it wasn’t fresh like the ones i had from winter wonderland or as great as that, but it was pretty damn close & just so. fucking. good.

5/5 definitely definitely worth it and i highly recommend!!

just looking at the picture of it is making me want to order from Urban Chocolatier!!

but i can’t. ugh. i’ll have a cheat day next month and report back to you.

and these banana-rama pancakes (£7.25) Khadijah ordered were good, really lovely and light. however, i’ve definitely tried better pancakes and compared to that, even to the Dalloway Terrace ones, these weren’t fabulous.

buuuuuut they were pretty good and i think i would try some more of their pancakes. 2.5/5, better options on the menu

sometime after that, K and i popped over to UC again for breakfast. and we wanted to escape our houses for a little bit.

i got a chai latte (£2.50) and a cookie dough mug shot (£6.95), and K chose hot chocolate (£2.50 or £3.00) + the m&m mania waffle (£8.25)

we also, obviously, asked for tap water. it was quite nice to have, and i’m glad i chose the least sweetest cookie dough. the chai latte was good, but i’ve had better.

1.5/5, would not recommend the latte!

but definitely get the m&m mania waffle, it’s divine.

again, a few weeks later, K and i went round for breakfast, as we were going shopping for some wedding jewellery and some new makeup pieces from Superdrug.

i got the redbull mojito and K got some candy floss flavoured mojito or something, i believe it was called candy man.

we also got six macaroons (£7.95)

they were really yummy and i love macaroons. a million better than the ones i’ve had from m&s tbh. but i’d say they were a 2.5/5 and i would only recommend them if you’re splitting the price, as it’s too extortionate for such a small thing.

and of course, we got a waffle. this one is, by far, my favourite waffle, due to it not being overwhelmingly sweet or at all chocolatey.

it’s called honey & cinnamon waffle (£6.95)

it was excellent. perfect for breakfast. could’ve made it a little savoury with some eggs, bacon and hash browns!

5/5 definitely recommend!!!!!

the last time i went was with S, my bestie.

i again got the cinnamon & honey waffle + tea which was £2.50. she got the red alert freakshake (£7.25)

obviously i adore the waffle, and i like that they dusted icing sugar over it.

the tea was decent, but i can make it better. my mum can make it better. do not recommend at all lmao.

S enjoyed her freakshake, but she’d rate it a 2/5 as the cake was quite dry and stale. the milkshake was a bit generic; there was nothing “red velvet” about it, rather it was more of a plain vanilla milkshake with a bit of cake on top.

however in terms of price it’s pretty good, as it’s like you’re getting a milkshake and slice of cake for the price of one, than if you were to buy it separately.

tbh each time i go to Urban Chocolatier, i always say i’ll never go back unless someone else is paying.

but i end up going back.

it’s like a toxic ex that i just can’t stay away from. speaking of exes that you can’t stay away from, this blog post may be of help.

overall, i would recommend Urban Chocolatier for sure! it’s good, despite how pricey it’s gotten over the years.

it holds many memories for me, so has a lot of sentimental value.

it’s a fun date spot, or a cute place to catch up with your mates over dessert, or just a great place to go to with your family.

they have many branches across London, and outside the city too. find your local one and check it out!

Sumaiya, x

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  1. shajeda says:

    my gosh, you visit UC a lot !!! back when you had money, bet that’s a distant memory now hehe 😦 your post is soooooo insightful for people who have never been, given you have tried basically everything on the menu and used photographs. and i’m honoured for my arm to feature in your blog heheheh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it helps that it’s local 😳 and heeeeyyy, that’s just so! true! it really is a distant memory *le sigh. & hehe thank u, dearie, and omg there’s some more things i still have yet to try 👀 next month, let’s go 👀 and your arm is beautiful, ofc it’ll feature xx


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