Iris Bar by Searcy’s at the Gherkin

hi, lovelies!

i hope you’re all having, or had, a great day! the majority of mine was spent with N — we met up for breakfast at Liverpool Street, and made our way to the Gherkin.

kind of felt a little like stepping into all of my childhood dreams of what being an adult means.

the Gherkin (or the cucumber building, which is what we used to call it as kids) is one of the buildings we always saw from the bedroom window and balcony at one of my cousins’ old apartments. i remember always wanting to go inside, just to see what it was like.

today, i did.

and man, was it posh as fuck.

we walked in, showed our IDs, had our bags checked at security and walked through an x-ray machine.

the process was swift, and we got the high rise lift to one of the floors, where we had our coats put in the cloakroom, before going up another lift to the bar. there were also a few stairs we took, nothing that would leave you gasping for air or anything.

the Iris bar is on the 40th floor.

thankfully, Nahima and i were the only people there, which made the whole thing so much more comfortable and relaxed. we preferred this atmosphere, even though it was extremely sophisticated, to Dalloway Terrace.

we ordered straight away, as, like always, we’d scanned the menu beforehand.

Nahima chose large eggs benedict (£13) and a mocha (£3)

i chose avocado poached eggs (£14) and a mocha (£3)

we both extremely enjoyed our breakfast, it was wonderful. honestly, i’d have to say it’s actually one of the best breakfasts i’ve had in a while!

the mocha was pretty amazing too. a million times better than Dalloway Terrace. (god, their hot chocolate was utterly vile!)

the bread was heavenly and the right amount of soft and crunchy! the avocado was just! on! fucking! point! 👌🏽 the salmon was b e a u t i f u l. & the eggs? done to perfection. the yolk was just so good, like why the fuck does it never turn out so nice when i make poached eggs????

Nahima also loved loved loved her eggs benedict (she chose the large option, which was way better, as the smaller choice only had one muffin/egg etc instead of two!!)

they also gave some sugar cubes which we didn’t have. since, you know, i’m on a diet. which i may have kind of failed a little today? (but i’m not eating the rest of today, so i guess it’s fine?)

as we were eating, three other people came up into the restaurant to have a meeting. it didn’t distract us or make us feel weird, if anything it made us talk about future plans and goals.

the only issue we both had, despite how good the food and mocha tasted and the wonderful service + atmosphere!!, was that we were still hungry afterwards.

i mean, the food was fantastic!! just a super small portion, which we obviously expected since that’s what it’s like in expensive, posh as fuck places. they serve us crumbs for an extortionate price.

which, obviously, we allow them to do because we’ll do anything to appear more successful or boujee than we are. for appearances.

but anyways, the breakfast was great and i don’t regret it because it was so so so so yummy and i want it again tbh.

(also i saw a super super sexy man in a suit on the floor with the cloakroom. god, he was beautiful and we made eye contact and i just so want to jump his bones. i hope i see him again.)

(so i can give him my number and luv him.)


after leaving, we may have hit up another place for some more food. since, you know, we were still hungry.

but honestly, i highly recommend you try out the breakfast at the Iris Bar! it’s fab and tastes great. it’s more or less the same price as Dalloway Terrace.

definitely a 5/5.

Sumaiya, x

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