after leaving Searcy’s, Nahima and i walked over to Sweet — an adorable and aesthetic dessert place on Mile End Road.

as it was quite empty, we had a variety of seats open for our choosing.

we found a cute little table towards the back, with views of a pretty fake tree and the rest of the parlour-slash-cafe.

obviously we had to take a few pictures before going through the menu.

on our way over to Sweet, we’d been talking about French toast. the moment we saw it on the menu, it was instantaneous.

this would be what we were ordering.

there were two options, the classic with a bunch of fruits + maple syrup, and the Nutella version with the choice of strawberries or bananas. both had a scoop of vanilla ice cream and cost £7.50

the first bite was just everything.

after eating something savoury, i always want something sweet. so i guess it made sense we came to Sweet. (best decision ever.)

they made it using brioche bread, which made it look and taste incredible. it was perfectly soft and done so well meticulously, i finished off the first slice within seconds, dipping it with Nutella and the strawberries.

(the strawberries were fab, btw!)

i’m definitely going to buy some brioche bread so i can make it this way myself. it never looks this good when i do it!

i don’t know what it was, but somehow the Nutella tasted better than all the times i’ve had it before.

maybe it’s because i haven’t had it in a good four months or so?

and using a fork to have the ice cream was very interesting indeed!

it just looks so incredible. next time, i think i’ll try it with the bananas.

the vanilla ice cream was unbelievably good, it tasted like proper italian ice cream. it was almost soft, in some way. the combination of the ice cream, the French toast, the Nutella & strawberries tied everything together so perfectly.

it was the best French toast i’ve had. Sweet is number one on my list of favourite dessert places, whilst Urban Chocolatier ranks at number two.

i can’t wait to go back. the vibe and atmosphere in Sweet is so welcoming and comfortable. and they were also playing Victorious, Big Time Rush & Hannah Montana songs the entire time which was awesome!!

in addition, the customer service was amazing and the girls were so lovely and friendly. it’s quite rare to see such happy, smiling, cheerful people in retail!

and obviously the food is great.

i highly recommend you visit Sweet and try the French toast. it’s just perfect.

it’s definitely five (5) stars (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)

what are some of your favourite places for brunch or desserts?

Sumaiya, x

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  1. Maisha says:

    I love Snowflake in Oxford Street for dessert. Will definitely be visiting Sweet too, looks great.


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