How to Waste £50 in a Day

hellooooooo, i hope everyone’s had a good, productive day!

there’s something about wednesdays that just feels so . . . boring to me — perhaps it’s to do with it being the middle of the week? idk. but today was pretty good for me!

i mean the nurse came over in the morning to help out with some medical stuff for my dad and then i spent the rest of the day with S.

i love that girl, but man, she’s annoying.

but before S and i headed out, two book deliveries came for me! (even though i haven’t finished the other 563635729 books on my tbr pile. the books that arrived are: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE, BUT FIRST IT WILL PISS YOU OFF by Gloria Steinem and EVERY BOY I EVER KISSED by Nellwyn Lampert.

i also have another book arriving in early March!

i put the two books on the top of my mounting stack of unread books beneath my desk, then grabbed my jacket, purse, phone and keys. the first stop was to Urban Chocolatier.

there, we both got sundaes, even though it was fucking freezing out.

i got the Dulce Dough, £8.25

S got Knickerbocker Glory £7.95

it was our first ‘meal’ of the day. (my healthy eating kind of had gone out the window over the past three days, yikes. starting tomorrow, i’m back on track!) empty calories is a damn awful thing to have first thing.

my sundae included caramel, vanilla + chocolate ice cream and cookie dough pieces, nuts and chocolate sauce. it was nice.

however it was way too big for something that’s just ice cream. because once all the toppings were gone, all that was left was ice cream. that’s it. it was sickening.

1.75/5, do not recommend

S, once she’d finished off the strawberries, got bored of her sundae and felt a little sick too. it was way too much ice cream and too expensive for what it was. the portion, and price, should be a hell of a lot less.

this is what we ended up leaving lmao

(if anyone asks, that money went to charity. uhhh the cause of Urban Chocolatier, which was robbing us of our p’s. 😳)

and of course, because we were hungry, we headed over to Turkuoise, a traditional Turkish restaurant further down Green Street.

it was nice and empty the entire duration of our visit.

i’m not a massive fan of Turkish food, like at all, but this place is pretty good and the food isn’t as bland or shit as it is in Efe’s.

we were given some bread to nibble on whilst waiting for our food to arrive.

we got calamari — £4.95

i got a chicken shawarma wrap which was £8.50

S got a lamb doner with rice, which was £11.50

the atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely and super chill; it was relaxed and we felt extremely comfortable the entire time. the service was fabulous! the man in the navy shirt with really pretty eyes (i don’t think he was a waiter?) was just so lovely and kind! more people should be like him tbh.

the calamari was good, we both enjoyed it. lowkey reminded me of fish fingers in a way, can’t lie lmao but i really really liked it! buuuut i do think the calamari from Alto is better tbh.

i really enjoyed the chicken shawarma wrap — it tasted so good. but jesus fucking christ, it was so oily. bruh my chest started hurting afterwards. like you know when you’re just eating really good + healthy food then dive into super unhealthy shit? yeah it was like that. but goddddd the shawarma wrap was good!!!!!!!! the combination with the salad was just spectacular!

it also made me a lil sad because shawarma just really reminds me of someone lmao, which suxxxx. & i was kind of thinking about this person a little; whilst eating it. i mean since i couldn’t have that shawarma, i had to settle for the literal thing. hahahahaha jokes bro. but it was good. the shawarma wrap, i mean. highly recommend.

S said her lamb doner was delicioussssss! she also mentioned that it tasted a lil like beri goos lmao (bengali dish) which made me laugh.

we drank a ton of water after finishing off our food and then sat there for a million years, just taking pictures and talking about i don’t even remember what

i really suggest you visit Turkuoise, if you’re into Turkish food. it is so good and the service is amazing. i’d probably visit again one day, when i’m having a cheat day / i’m in the area.

good food, great company!

after chilling in Turkuoise for like 4 hours or some shit, S and i went to buy some groceries + vitamins for me. i also bought myself some lingerie that on sale, because why not. and boom, £50 gone today.

so if you’re ever in the mood to blow some money; spend it on some food you’ll regret then buy some better food. then treat yourself to something sexy and fun.

do you ever just recklessly spend your money and then cry? let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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