Café Miami

this week, Nahima and i went for brunch again after ages. it felt a little weird to be out of the house, for something other than going to uni, work or the hospital.

but man, i really needed this.

we picked Café Miami, a new hotspot in the heart of Hackney, East London! i found this place when searching up for new brunch places to add to the ever-growing list.

the journey to get here was dreadfully long. i got two buses, which took a little over an hour due to traffic, and nahima got the tube, and it was more than an hour for her too. and the bus driver was so rude???? lmao

walking from the bus stop to the café was fucking horrid. and i was freezing. i swear, my hands became blocks of ice

i literally rejoiced when i saw the café from across the road. a few seconds after i walked in, Nahima arrived.

the interior was quite cute!

after reading the menu, i opted for the cinnamon roll pancakes with cream cheese frosting (£11) + hot chocolate with marshmallows (£2.80)

N got the halloumi miami which was 2 eggs, avocado, halloumi and re-fried beans (£9.50) + a mocha (£3).

the hot chocolate was actually one of the best ones i’ve had tbh, and the marshmallows were just stupendous. N said her mocha was amazing and already, worth the exhausting af journey! so we were off to a good start

how fucking pretty does it look????

it was a really chilled, relaxed vibe in Café Miami — we were actually the only ones there, til around 10ish when a couple came in. (like i said before, Nahima and i are always surrounded by couples!!)

the food came shortly after.

clearly, this place is highly aesthetic!

it also smelt incredible. as it was being made, we could just smell it and it was so mouthwatering.

the first bite of the pancake was just orgasmic.

it was super light and fluffy, done to utter perfection honestly. so much better than the ones from Urban Chocolatier!

Nahima also loved her food, said it was one of the best she’s had, and really filling, which was great and refreshing — considering the food we’d got from Searcy’s wasn’t. (but really, what do we expect from those boujee ass places anyway?)

the cinnamon was also really nice in the pancakes and the cream cheese; all the tastes came through with each bite of the pancakes. i ate it slowly, so as to savour everything (and since eating slow is better for you!), and because it was quite sweet. it did make me wish i’d gotten something savoury alongside it, but they’d ran out of pancake bacon which suckeddddd!

we both really enjoyed the breakfast here, and will definitely come back soon to try something new! it’s amazing, for being a place so newly opened and practically a hidden gem.

although the journey was bloody awful, i would highly recommend you visit Café Miami! you can find them on their instagram or their website!

Café Miami is a 4.5 out of 5 stars for me, and i can’t wait to see it flourish and become bigger than what it is now. support your local small businesses, guys!! this place is so worth your p’s and deserves a lot more hype!!

check it out. you won’t be disappointed.

Sumaiya, x

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