Thai & Pie

remember in this post when i mentioned i’d review Thai & Pie?

well, i’ve finally got around to it!

i went there today after uni, as i’d been craving pie for ages and i wanted to take J to one of my favourite places!

one of the things i love about Thai & Pie is that it’s so quiet and such a comfortable, yet kind of spacious, restaurant. there were only two people seated when we went, and soon after, we were the only ones lmao. it was nice.

i ordered the indiana pie (it comes with 2 sides) which was £9.95, with chips + coleslaw and he ordered the same but with sweet potato and roasted vegetables. we both also got the margarita mojito, which cost £3.95 each.

the indiana pie’s filling is spicy chicken curry. it was delicious! (i had their valentine lamb pie before, which was also excellent, but i much prefer the indiana!!)

the drinks were also lovely!! it tasted super fresh and minty, as well as a little lemony.

(i promise it’s not the same picture loool)

the food arrived quickly after the drinks!

it may not be super pretty looking, but i fucking swear to god, it is incredibly tasty. luv it, lads!!

the gravy was also fantastic! the chips were just *chef’s kiss* perfect 👌🏽

the pastry was great and delectable, the filling of the pie was just the right amount of spicy without being overpowering, letting all the flavours seep through. mixed with the gravy, it was amazing.

J said it was a nice spot and he enjoyed his meal a lot, it was cooked well and everything was delicious. (omg i’m so fucking relieved he liked it — i was actually super nervous about what he’d think!!)

the customer service was also impeccable and they made us feel welcome. if the food hadn’t been great, the service would’ve definitely made up for it ngl. actually one of the best i’ve had.

and i also liked that they didn’t come up to us to ask how the food was. it’s just so awkward when waiters do that, because you’re just there looking like a chipmunk, cheeks stuffed (ahahaha;)), nodding to say it’s great.

our total came to £27.80, which is more than decent. we were also given complimentary chocolate at the end!

definitely a 5 star rating from me! i plan to visit again (they also do delivery on Uber Eats, for those of you close to either Stepney Green or Stratford!)

i highly recommend Thai & Pie, if that wasn’t clear enough! let me know if you’ve been, or plan to visit. i’d love to hear your thoughts.

Sumaiya, x

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  1. shajeda says:

    heheh you and your a million pictures from just a different angle by like 1 degree. but hehe super insightful with the comparison of what you had today and before. hope your company was as good as the food you ate 😉 (eeeeek)

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    1. LMFAOOOOOOOOO listen those angles mean the entire picture is different okay 🤣 and thank you! this place is marvellous!! amra zai ekh din?? and the company was alright tbh 👀 (shhhhhh bro)


      1. shajeda says:


        Liked by 1 person

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