Pancakes, Catchups & Procrastinating // General Chit Chat

yesterday, i met up with Nahima for breakfast at Duck & Waffle, which i will write a review for in the upcoming week. so stay tuned for that, loves. but of course, like the time we went to Searcy’s, we ended up going to Sweet afterward.

because we were still hungry.

both our pancakes cost £7.50 — i got strawberrytella and N got Rocher

it was actually super yummy and way better than the French toast we got previously.

i really enjoyed the pancakes, because it wasn’t overwhelmingly chocolatey and the strawberries were bloody sexy.

it truly was an enjoyable experience, having these pancakes. i need to take J here.

its not just pretty

it’s also extremely yummy yummy yummy

you know what i realised? it truly is the name and view you pay for at these expensive ass places.

you pay like almost £50 and get served crumbs. magnifiqué

but anyway, i spent majority of the day with Nahima which was great, and rare, as we so rarely spend an entire day together. she’s always running off to meet this friend or that friend, or an aunt, or having to study. being a lawyer seems like tough work. so it’s making me question whether that’s really the path i want to go down.

which brings me to this post. it’s a bit of a . . . talking about yesterday and a sprinkling of me thinking, err not out loud, but into . . . a blog post? whatever. just go with it.

so. yesterday. it was the first time seeing Nahima in 3 weeks. the last time i saw her, we went to brunch at Café Miami in Hackney. and quite a lot of things, personally, have happened since.

we discussed those events, talked about future plans, debated whether having strippers at a hen do was considered cheating. and in all honesty, i think it is. if you want that last “seeing someone else other than my fiancé/fiancée naked just one last time” then why the fuck are you even getting married??? it’s weird and bizarre and just bullshit.

however for my hen do, N wants a stripper for herself. so whilst she’s getting her thang on with the saucy stripper dressed as a firefighter and getting a lap dance, S and i will be, idk, doing shots and singing dramatically.

well, she’ll be singing. and i’ll be wailing extremely out of tune. since, you know, i can’t sing.

J told me to never sing again, because i’m so shit. which is just rude. (but hi baby, let’s watch high school musical tomorrow pls ty ily)

we also talked about uni and studies, and i told her i submitted my essay even though it was like 1,061 words under the minimum word count. i just gave up after the introduction tbh. i had no idea what to write and i couldn’t find shit on the internet either.

it’s weird because i was so motivated to do great when i first started uni, and obviously i know i said i’ll get a First or die trying, but i’m just bloody tired. i’ll try again next year. (and i got a First for my Poetry module which i’m super happy about, woop woop!)

but anyways, i have another two essays to do, a short story + critical commentary all due sometime within march and april, including a portfolio in april, and 2 exams in may. which i’m kinda shitting myself about because idk anything about Great Expectations and whatever the other book was.

(oh dear, i really can’t remember what the other book was. i think it was one by Chaucer. lmao oh well whatevr. i’ve got this still.)

i spent some of today reading AS YOU LIKE IT. quite enjoyed that.

Nahima and i will be arranging some study dates in the next few months, so i don’t have any excuses to not do my shit. i’m just procrastinating so much and i can’t stop. like i have one of the two essays due on the 9th march and what am i doing?

rewatching Gilmore Girls.

but to be fair, i have planned it out. kinda. i mean i know what section i’ll be writing about. so i guess that’s something?

speaking of something being something, how weird is it that you can just be going on about your life, not expecting anything to happen and then, suddenly, it’s like this . . . thing just falls or catapults into your life. and changes it forever. and makes you scared and terrified, but also so excited and happy at the same time.

because shit, that’s all me rn. and i am so happy, but i’m terrified too. but i’m happy. which is just . . . idk. i know that happiness is a temporary emotion and it’s always fleeting, so you gotta enjoy it in the moment and treasure every minuscule second of it; that you just have to hold onto it tightly with your hands, clasp it close to your chest and close your eyes and just breathe.

because obviously, it’s everything. and happiness is what makes it all worth it. and having something, or someone, who brings light and happiness and joy to ur life, is what makes everything better. especially when they make you want to be better and try harder and work harder and just be. so. much. more.

honestly, idek where i’m going with this all rn or what i’m talking about. but everything’s just so weird and emotional and crazy for me atm and i’m happy, but also scared and also just a little bit sad because i’m thinking about my parents and all this bs. that, however, i will talk about in another post. because it’s just that: bullshit.

anyway i think i’ll stop rambling now. but i had a really good day yesterday with N, and i hope i get to see S soon too, since it’s been 3 weeks since i’ve seen her as well.

if you actually read all this nonsense, thank you lmao! because i just went from one thing to another. wow. anyways i hope you had and are having a great day!!!

remember to drink water. stay hydrated. and believe in urself and in happiness and just have faith in everything because life is shit yeah, but it does get better and there are so many things to look forward to!!!

also have pancakes.

Sumaiya, x

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Sumaiya Ahmed is a freelance journalist and writer, aiming to break down the boundaries of cultural stigma and shame attached to mental health and sexuality within the South Asian culture, and bringing marginalised topics to light.

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