Duck & Waffle

on feb 28th, i met up with N for breakfast at Duck and Waffle.

our reservation was for 9:30, but of course, as usual, we were running late so changed it to 9:45.

they were very proficient and sent N an email instantly, letting her know the time had been changed to 15 minutes later. when we got there, we had to wait by the bar before being shown to our table.

the spaces between some of the chairs/tables were very small and a little cramped! but it wasn’t that deep, and didn’t bother us.

usually, in expensive boujee places, i tend to feel super uncomfortable and out of place, and as if everyone is staring at me, but i didn’t get that feeling in Duck and Waffle which was nice.

after going through the menu for like 10 minutes, we settled on getting the cheaper version of the duck and waffle, the duck benedict, which cost £15 and N got a mocha (£4) and i got a hot chocolate (£3.50)

the hot chocolate was incredible! just super amazing, honestly

it came pretty much straight away, after ordering

soon after, our food arrived!

it looked so good!!

(i want it again!!)

although when it did arrive, we were like ‘oh maybe we should’ve got the original duck and waffle’ but then we took a bite and goddamnnnnn

it was just so fucking amazing, a little extortionate, but in ways we could kinda understand why. ish. just a tad. but honest to god, it was so satisfying to eat.

all the flavours complemented each other so well.

it was so soft and just . . . ahhhh it was lovely, u guys!!

although as i was eating, i did say “i’m hungry” to N. so despite how wonderful it tasted, it definitely wasn’t filling at all!!

but in places like Duck and Waffle, you pay for the name more than anything really.

would i go to Duck and Waffle again? sure if someone else was paying. would i like to go again? of course! it was so lovely!!! but i’d probably rate it a 4.5/5, just because of the pricing, but it’s not like we didn’t expect it to be expensive af. obviously we did.

do i recommend it? yes, if you have £18.50 to waste on a waffle and hot chocolate! (they do have cheaper food options though, so maybe check out their menu!)

Sumaiya, x

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