My Top 3 Foundations

Earlier today, i was going through, and reorganising, my makeup. As i was doing so, i thought—why not write a post about my top 3 foundations? after all, we all want to be able to achieve that flawless base from foundation, the kind that will blend seamlessly into our skin.

these are the foundations i swear by and will always repurchase!

left to right: Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation in shade Tres Leches, Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation in shade 8 + Armani Luminous Silk foundation in shade 6.25.

these foundations are ones i have been using for years, as my every day foundation and occasion foundation. For weddings & parties, i reach for the Huda Beauty foundation, because of the gorgeous full-coverage look i get from it.

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation:

before discussing this foundation (£33), i just want to say i have combination skin, but recently it’s been a little more on the dry side. However, i do get an oily t-zone as the day progresses. But despite this, i have found that this foundation looks flawless and perfect on my skin and i don’t need to do any touch ups.

It covers all and any blemishes that i may have.

I bought this foundation after the hype about it died down and i was able to get it for a little less than the actual retail price, thanks to a birthday discount code. at the time, Huda Beauty didn’t have a makeup counter in Selfridges, so from extensive Youtube-browsing and Googling, i matched myself to Tres Leches. for extra reference, i am shade nc37 in MAC Cosmetics (a brand i don’t use!)

i bought a shade slightly darker as i heard that this foundation was prone to oxidising, however i was pleasantly surprised when it was a perfect match for my skin tone and did not change or move whatsoever, even during the heat and it remained sweat-proof, in a hall of over a hundred people.

This foundation is creamy and has to be blended into the skin quickly as it does dry quick, with a matte finish. With full coverage, it leaves the skin looking faultless, with a perfect, skin like glow after properly blending it in and buffing with a large, buffing brush. (i use the Real Techniques or Juvia’s Place brush!)

for me, i found that the foundation minimised whatever texture i had, and i looked super smooth.

towards the end of the day, i do get a subtle shine to my face as i said, oily t-zone, but it’s nothing that’s too obvious or bad—if anything, it gives me a bit of an extra glow. Faux Filter has amazing longevity, for hours and hours, i wore it for about 14 hours i believe that specific day pictured above. (of course you always have to make sure your face is clean and properly moisturised before putting makeup on.)

The foundation photographs beautifully, btw. All the foundations i’ve named do, and look amazing for all occasions.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation:

this foundation (£32), i first purchased before my cousin’s wedding in 2016 after trying it at John Lewis, during a catch up and shopping spree with Nahima.

almost instantly, i fell in love with the coverage and the way it felt like satin on my skin.

it’s medium coverage but can be full coverage by adding a few more drops. I tend to add a light two drops onto the back of my hand and dot it around my face before blending it in with a brush and then lightly going over it with a damp beauty blender.

Despite how the intensity of the coverage can be increased, it doesn’t do as good a job of covering blemishes or scarring the way Huda Beauty’s does, but i do love it and it is one of my favourites obviously. Magic foundation is creamier and softer than Faux Filter, and easier to blend it, and you can take your time with it too.

Similarly to Faux Filter, this foundation does not budge even after hours of wear for me personally, but i do like to touch up with Chanel Les Beiges powder, or Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish powder. this is also a foundation i prefer to use for special occasions, though i do still wear it on days i feel like looking a bit more golden, as it is yellower in tone than Luminous Silk is.

i love how this foundation is captured on camera and how golden and brown it makes me look; it sinks in so perfectly into my skin, matching the exact shade i am to a t. I do get a little oilier with this foundation on, particularly on my nose but i blot it with powder, but the shade of the foundation doesn’t change nor does it oxidise. I definitely recommend this foundation, if you’re after one that’s not too full coverage but can build up to it, if it’s what you desire.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation:

this foundation (£35-£45 depending on retailer + shade) is my regular, every day foundation that i always use. i love the coverage it provides, as it can be as sheer as you want it, to medium coverage or built up to completely full coverage. Prior to this, my every day foundation used to be Nars Sheer Glow, however i found that after a while it started making me look too orange as the day wore on. Luminous Silk, on the other hand, doesn’t have that problem.

it’s perfect, except for the way it feels when i first put it on. it has a slightly tacky consistency to it on the skin, which is easily forgotten about but is annoying at first, however it’s not an obvious feeling or anything. i just am not a fan of that. it’s a minor fault to it though, and like i said easily forgotten about because after a few hours of wear, i don’t really feel it.

Although, unlike the previous two foundations, Luminous Silk, i’ve noticed, does tend to fade slightly, particularly around my mouth where i have hyperpigmentation. i know some people and beauty gurus opt for colour corrector etc to conceal the pigmentation, but i don’t bother with the extra step and do my makeup normally.

perhaps that’s why it fades quicker around my mouth? (but i don’t seem to have this issue with Faux Filter or Magic foundation.)

i use this foundation when i’m doing a quick, simple makeup look, or sometimes even have a party or event to go to. it’s a versatile foundation, and i adore having it on hand for an every day look because of how lightweight it is.

i wore it at the bbq at my boyfriend’s sisters, in blistering heat, with an extra drop of it to get that medium coverage (i usually do two drops for a light basic look), and it lasted throughout the entire day. it shifted a little around the corners of my mouth as i said, but looked amazing and photographed nicely.

These foundations are all my favourites and so beautifully housed in beautiful bottles, packaged to perfect. It just looks so lush and expensive! I can’t recommend them enough, no matter the coverage you’re after, since, like I said, they all photograph perfectly. You should definitely purchase at least one of these, and i hope you’ll love it just as much as i do!

Sumaiya, x

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Sumaiya Ahmed is a freelance journalist and writer, aiming to break down the boundaries of cultural stigma and shame attached to mental health and sexuality within the South Asian culture, and bringing marginalised topics to light.

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