Busaba Eathai

i think the Eat Out to Help Out scheme is, honestly, so amazing and something that should continue beyond august. this particular 50% off deal helps to get a lot of companies back on their feet.

today, i went to Busaba Eathai with Nahima, in Westfield Stratford. it’s an absolutely gorgeous Thai restaurant, with pretty good prices even without the 50% off incentive.

we sat outside as it was way too hot to be inside the restaurant, and it was a lovely choice, feeling the warm breeze and the glow of the sun. we got two glasses of tap water with ice, and koh phi phi which is orange and strawberry with coconut (retail price: £4.50).

for sides, i got the mixed asian greens (retail price: £5.20), and Nahima ordered the wok broccoli (retail price: £5.20).

Nahima also ordered the sweet potato fries (retail price: £4), as she’d eaten earlier that day, and i opted for the most amazing crispy duck noodles (retail price: £10)!

it was honestly such a wonderful, spontaneous day, and the food was an added bonus. the flavours were enhanced by the chilli jam (which i was a little hesitant to try, but was actually so! good!), and i loved the combination of cucumber and mushroom with the noodles. it was actually one of the best wok fried noodles i’ve had in a really long time, and it was so good to have someone else make the food for us.

i’ve missed going out to eat!

i will definitely love to revisit Busaba!

the drinks at the start were also pretty amazing, having quenched our desperate thirst in the scorching, humid heat. why is it that British heat is disgustingly sticky, but it’s so much nicer elsewhere?

Busaba is definitely a 5 star rating from me, and i’m more than eager to try more of their dishes and drinks!

what places have you been to so far, or are planning to visit, whilst they’re using the eat out to help out scheme? have you been to Busaba? let me know!

Sumaiya, x

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