[This is an extract from an article I wrote for Clitbait.]

Content warning: graphic content, blood, mentions of sexual injury

Navigating sex is hard. But trying to do it as a South Asian girl, from a religious Muslim family, is even harder.

In the religion, it’s a sin. In the culture, it’s frowned upon and taboo to even mention the word. The female body itself is seen as ‘temptation’ and shameful: we are forced to cover up and taught to be ashamed of our anatomy from birth. Sex, mixed with culture and religion, is a difficult subject to delve into. In a society so sex-positive, one that promotes sex in every message, advertisement and artistic medium, it was awkward growing up when the culture and religion I grew up with were so drowned in acts of modesty, the complete opposite of everything I saw through the media. (. . .)

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