Where the Pancakes Are

A few days ago, J and I went to ‘Where the Pancakes Are’ for brunch during our little staycation. It was a lovely getaway, and having brunch at this place was pretty good, especially considering I could tick off a restaurant on my list after months.

So. Happy.

I’d booked it two days beforehand, as I think the law now states you need to make reservations before going out to eat. It was only a few minutes walk from our hotel, and we were shown to our seats the moment we arrived and gave our names.

As I’d already checked out the menu, I knew what I wanted—the full English breakfast (£13) with a mimosa (£7). J also got the English breakfast, but with a cappuccino (£3). Not too long after ordering, our drinks arrived.

I also quite like my orange juice with pulp tbh

I’d never actually tried a mimosa before, but was pleasantly surprised. However, I have to admit, it did taste like one of those cheap fizzy orange juices you can buy at the supermarket or at the local chippy. I did like it though. Probably would’ve bought another three glasses of it, but I’m saving up for a new tat, which I’m excited about. And I didn’t want to be dying for a wee later on.

Our food arrived shortly after!

I quite enjoyed the combination of sweet and savoury. I loved everything on the plate, except the bacon—which J agreed was way too crispy; honestly there were no redeeming qualities about it. ‘Where the Pancakes Are’ really have to work on their bacon, because it kind of sucks and takes away from the magic of the food.

I liked the presentation

My favourite part of it all were definitely the beans, because it had a bit of spice to it, and especially the pancakes. They were super super light and fluffy, like clouds, as if it was made by a unicorn. Honestly, the pancakes were so nice.

The sausage was pretty damn good too.

The service was quick, and the staff were really friendly. There were also a few hand sanitisers around, from what I could see and card payment to minimise physical contact.

Overall, I’d say this was a great experience and I definitely did enjoy my food. I would revisit, and recommend, though I’d rate the place a 3.75 just because the bacon was so bad.

What are some of your favourite pancake places? Are you a sweet or savoury person? Would you want to visit ‘Where the Pancakes Are’? Let me know!

—Sumaiya, x

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