It’s another day, though it is the love of my life’s birthday and we celebrated this day the only way we could in this ceaseless period of confusion and weirdness, of survival, of appreciating the simple blisses of being with him. Spending time together. Holding each other.

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As I write this, I’m sitting in a gorgeous hotel room with J, a sweet ending to his birthday while watching The Knight Before Christmas on Netflix and drinking tea. It’s times like right now, where I realise that it’s the little moments that count, matter most in the grand scheme of things. The most seemingly boring, unromantic, unexciting ones nobody really wants to properly experience, or want to just hurry up and pass by, because nothing happens.

But it is these moments which count for everything, memories that add to the sweetness and shanti {peace} of life itself. It makes existing, and continuing, just a little bit easier to get through, to survive. I love these little moments with him, when we’re just in each other’s company, even when we don’t do anything, but revel in the time we have together. They’re the ones reminding me that softness and love rises above everything, keeping us anchored even when the days are hard.

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