Keeping A Relationship Healthy When You’re Around Each Other 24/7 Is Tough

Knowing how to be a better partner for your significant other is key for the relationship to thrive and survive

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In a time where we’re in Tier 4, lockdown and a global pandemic, having Things To Do seems scarce. For those of us who live with our partners, with limited space, it can be very difficult to navigate the slippery slopes of what constitutes a healthy, happy relationship, or knowing the ways in which you can strengthen the bond without it falling apart.

This is why I want to outline a few things we can do to keep our relationships from going down the drain, inspired by the 3am conversation with my boyfriend last night about the importance of honest, open conversations on all the little things. We all know the basics of healthy relationships, but if you don’t, here’s a little refresher . . .

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