The Art of Faking It #2

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Happy Monday, xo

I hope everyone’s having a pretty great day. I thought I would start the week off with another little teaser from my book, The Art of Faking It. You can order it on Amazon and on Book Depository — where you get an alternate cover. And if you have a library card, please please please request my book for them, I would appreciate it so much!!

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sometimes it’s better to just fake it than be honest. it’s safer for everyone.

Getting over a break up is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re still in love with your ex.

It’s been nearly two years since Sabrina’s relationship met its end and she’s still mourning what-once-was and what-should’ve-been. It doesn’t seem to get easier, even though everyone has been telling her that it will and all she needs is to start dating again.

She knows they’re right. She needs to move on.

So when one of her friends suggests she hook up with Daniel Fitzgerald, a charming, handsome teacher by day, and artist by night, she agrees, thinking maybe this is just what she needs.

But letting go of the past is a lot harder than she anticipated. Pair that with a sprinkling of mistakes and consequences rushing to the surface, the brown girl guilt from choosing to step out of a house immersed in cultural traditions and the inability to move on from what she’s lost, and this dating journey becomes more than just a casual, no strings attached situation-ship.

After all, faking it only gets you so far, and Sabrina can’t run from her feelings forever.

Created by tessa.zoller on Wattpad

She shrugged, tiptoeing, burying her face in the space where his neck met his shoulder. She breathed in, swallowing his scent. “You smell nice.”

“Do I?” His voice was amused.

“Mmm,” Sabrina hummed. “It’s yummy.”

“You know what else is yummy?”

She moved, looking at him, lifting an eyebrow. “Me?”

A smirk glossed his mouth. “Yes.”

They were quiet for a moment. Finally, Sabrina said, “We should have some dessert.”

Daniel looked at her and she looked back at him, her gaze drifting to his mouth.

“Kiss me,” she said softly.

So he did. Softly, at first. Just a light brush of his mouth on hers. Sabrina tiptoed, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. She bit his lower lip gently and he groaned, opening his mouth a little, lifting her up into his arms. She giggled into his mouth, felt him smile. It was nice, kissing him like this, being comfortable with someone straight away. Sabrina hadn’t felt like this in a long time, the calmness swooping through her, and it was refreshing and new and, surprisingly, not that hard. It was a welcomed distraction from the chaos of her life. A momentary relief, in a world that was a mess, because sometimes all you needed was just a few minutes. A few minutes to be free from the sad, dark, harsh truth of reality, a few minutes to distract you from a world that was determined to break you. Because when it felt like your life was falling apart, having just one person who could take you away from it all was worth everything.

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