New year, new goals + The Art of Faking It news <3

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I last wrote on here ~ thank you lack of motivation! but I would really like to wish you all a happy new year and pray that this year is filled with love, blessings and peace, because lord knows we all need some of that right now. I tested positive for Covid on Christmas day and right now, I have no idea if I still have it on, since I can’t get my hands on any LFT. Great job, gov. But I have been taking some of my isolation as a way to get back into writing/plotting ideas and the likes.

I also took the time to publish a short story I’d written a few years ago, way back in 2013 which you can grab here. It’s currently free as an ebook on Amazon Kindle til the 4th.

get it here

Speaking of free ebooks, The Art of Faking It is also free as an ebook until the 5th which you can get here!

It would really be pretty damn amazing if you could all maybe get yourselves copies of these books — I think they’re great and well written, if I say so myself. I do miss writing the way I used to, back in the years of 2010-2015 . . . I used to be flooded with ideas, the words just pouring out of me. It was nice and I do hope I can get back to that.

I’m hoping that 2022 will be the year I fully dedicate myself to just writing stories after stories after stories, I’ve got so many ideas and scenes in my head. Some of what I have to write is for uni anyway, but fingers crossed I can do a lot for myself. That’s one of my goals: start writing again.

Have you set yourselves any goals? Is it something you do and try to keep doing throughout the year?

It’s a bit mad that it’s 2022 now, when a lot of us are still processing 2020 — what with lockdown and all, it kind of feels like there’s a gap, and 2021, looking back on it now, went quite quickly even though a lot happened. This is going to be the year I graduate and quite frankly, I’m shitting it. I’ve got 6 assignments or so left and an exam in 9 days, and honestly, I have not read even a single book this year so far. For uni, anyway.

Please, pray I get a first? I know I need to put in that effort myself and I will. I just need all your prayers and support as well ❤

In a way, I’m excited to be done with university, but at the same time, I want to do another degree. But I want a job more though.

Another goal of 2022: get a job.

Let’s just hope that this will be the best year yet.

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