A corrupted ceremony where the cheerleading and hockey teams pledged their allegiance to a secret circle of elite students.
A game of debauchery on the grounds of a haunted convent turned high school, filled with dares and a hearty dose of wickedness.
A night for saints to witness the morally depraved waltzing with their demons in the confinements of St. Victoria’s secret-riddled walls.

Eighteen. Cheerleader. South Side’s Princess.
A good girl was what they called me. But I was bad to the bone.
And there was only one boy who knew how to bring out the rebel in me.
Too bad he had to go ahead and break my heart.
Too bad I got paired with him for Initiation Night.
Cade Killian Remington, with his beautiful blue eyes, bad boy aura and sinful touch, was the bane of my existence.

Eighteen. Hockey Player. South Side’s Princepin.
Two years ago, I traded my cards for new ones and landed at St. Victoria, where I met the girl of my dreams.
I may have Remington blood coursing through my veins, but I was no fool. St. Victorians still saw me as trash.
Everyone except for one girl.
Ella Ximena Cordova, with her flawed gaze and playful grin, was branded inside of me.
Too bad she now hated my fucking guts.
Too bad I broke her heart one fateful night three months ago.
And now we were trapped together in our very own nightmare.
Looks like it’s just you and I in this hellhole, sweetheart.

Non-linear books have my heart and I love how Trapped with You, during present time, took place over a matter of days (mainly one kinda spooky, totally Halloween-vibes night). It’s perfect for fans of dark romance, perfect for autumn/winter season and perfect for fans of that all-consuming, passionate love . . . and that second chance romance.

TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of abuse [physical & verbal], homophobic slurs, mental illness and miscarriage

★ ★ ★ ★ . ✫

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

I first came across this book on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the synopsis and premise. Second chance romance? Sign me the hell up!

This book was so, so beautifully written, it actually hurt. I’ve never read such gorgeous writing before—the metaphors, the similes, the very description and ALL. THE. FEELS. Everything was sharp and raw and oh-so beautiful and painful.

I could feel the angst and the hurt and betrayal in every word, as the story wore on and unlocked more memories. I felt myself falling for both characters in the flashback chapters and resenting them both in the present chapters, and I kept wondering what the hell happened that made them fall apart like this?

Marzy Opal did an amazing job bringing to life such amazing characters and storyline—I loved how morally grey they both were; part of a world that we can only ever read or write about. It has a dark and dangerous allure to it—I both love and hate dark romances, love because of how seductive it can be but hate because of how unethical it is.

While there is so much more to the story than the romance between Ella and Cade, that was the part I loved the most. There’s also an element of mystery to it and for one second, I thought it would turn into something paranormal (which would’ve been a total mindfuck).

Cade Killian Remington kissed me like he had a secret to share. With his lips, he expressed how he’d been dying to taste me since the moment he saw me on my balcony.

This was my first time reading it and it was no surprise why it’s so popular—I can’t get over how wild everything is. Exes still in love trapped together for an entire night? Pure perfection!

I also loved how, like, 95% of the present chapters took place in one night! It explored a range of emotions and I. Felt. Them. All.

And please, can we just take a moment and talk about Ella

She’s fierce, she’s strong and she’s cunning—with a heart of gold. She’s protective as hell over those she loves and she’s brave enough to confront people when they get on her wrong side. That confidence, that power, is awe-inspiring. I adore her. I love everything she is and I felt my heart break with her when everything came to the surface. I felt that ache settle deep in my bones and it made me cry.

I only feel alive when I’m with you, Ella. Don’t make me live without you anymore.

Highly, highly recommend. (Also the smut? *Chef’s kiss* — I live and breathe for that window scene oh my god).

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