The king of Montardor’s underworld has met his match in the one woman he should stay away from . . .


Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve lived under the scrutiny of Montardor’s elite society and played by every one of my mother’s rules until I became the quintessential daughter.
Then she sold me to the highest bidder.
Montardor’s Punisher. My very own Hades…and my soon-to-be husband.
Zeno Gianni De la Croix is the devil in disguise.
He’s older, cunning, and completely irresistible. He deceived me one fateful night and now I’m utterly captivated.
And I hate him.
Or at least, I want to.
The city of Montardor is Zeno’s personal chess board and he will stop at nothing to make me his queen.


My role has been clear from the start. Heir to an empire of sin and bloodshed, my destiny is tied with becoming the next Seigneur De la Croix.
But in order to assume the throne, I need a wife.
The woman who consumes my every thought is the one woman I should stay away from.
Darla Ivy Hill. Principal of St. Victoria. Daughter of my enemy. My very own Persephone…and my soon-to-be wife.
I hate that I want her.
My little angel likes to play wicked games but she has no idea what kind of monster lies within me.
I will possess her.
I will corrupt her.
And I will burn down the whole world for her.

WARNING: Corrupted By You is a dark mafia arranged marriage romance. It is the second book in the Sins of Montardor series but can be read as a standalone. This book contains a dirty-talking, morally grey hero, strong language, sexual content, and dark themes. Reader discretion is advised.

I went into this book thinking it would be these three things: a quick and easy read, light-hearted and fun. But instead, it turned out to be these three things: heartbreaking, hard to read and a crazy emotional rollercoaster.

This is a gorgeous book I found myself relating to in a lot of ways.

TRIGGER WARNING: murder, blood, bdsm, mental health

Spoilers included

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Rating: 5 out of 5

This book is my absolute favourite so far by Marzy Opal. It is so well-written and beautifully constructed with the most gorgeous and alluring main male character I’ve ever read about. While there were parts of it I wasn’t a huge fan about (I saw that plot twist coming a mile away), it made me completely fall in love with the marriage of convenience trope.

The character and relationship development is just absolutely amazing and one of the best I’ve seen. The growth is something that’s just so refreshing to read, especially when it is combined with the fact that Zeno doesn’t have any daddy or mommy issues.

Zeno is a character that I . . . both love and hate–he fits into that possessive, almost controlling box I hate but the fact that he owns and has read all of her books? He cooks? He speaks French and Italian? He buys Darla her dream car? He built her a whole fucking library and renovated a writing office for her? He would kill for her? Wears hairpins with her initials on his tie? Always has a pair of shoes for her to change into when wearing heels gets too much?

Please. Utter perfection. I’d love for someone to build me a whole library and writing office, buy and read my books . . . what a dream.

Zeno Gianni De la Croix seemed like the kind of man who would burn down the world for you.

Marzy Opal

Also he bought her the dream ring she described for five freaking million dollars?? Wow. His love language is giving gifts and it’s just so precious to see how much attention he pays to her to know what she likes.

The sex scenes were incredibly hot but I also found them to be a bit . . . cringe, I mean I’m not a massive fan of the master/pet kink (not trying to kinkshame here — just a personal preference) so found that aspect to be very weird. There wasn’t as much fluff as I had hoped for there to be, without the dark sex. Of course, many people show their love through sexual intimacy so that’s understandable but it felt a little like porn with a dark plot

❝You bought me a private island.❞
❝I would have bought you a planet if I could.❞

Like the rest of us, Darla thinks she will never find her prince charming but along comes this Hades in human form and he changes her entire perspective. He allows her to be completely, honestly, her without fear of being disappointing and makes a home for himself in her kind, spring-floral heart. It’s so, so beautiful to read the way they fall in love and I only wish there was more fluff.

I loved that the relationships–with each other and with the side characters–were important factors to the plot and added a special kind of nuance, filling every page with both a devastating and heartwarming realisation especially as more secrets came unburied. I found one of the things to be very, very, very unrealistic–it seemed like the same thing could have happened, but unfolded in a different way rather than what was told. Nevertheless, it didn’t take away how in love with Corrupted by You I am.

❝I never deserved you, Darla. But with God as my witness, I will do everything in my power to be a perfect man for you.❞

This book was deliciously dark and a breathtaking ride, start to finish, even with the parts I didn’t like. Despite this, I loved and adored it. Every part of it was wild and dangerous and I loved that the characters, much like in Trapped With You, are morally grey. It’s nice to read because not everyone has just one ideal view of what’s good and what’s bad, and this part engrossed me to no end.

❝Darla Hill was beautiful in an ethereal way, like an aged love poem.❞

I can’t wait for the third book in the series and I hope we also get a book about Zeno’s younger sister. She will be a very, very intriguing character to read about.

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