Revenge of the Sluts: on slut shaming, double standards and patriarchy

Thank you so much to Holley Corfield at Wattpad for sending me a copy of REVENGE OF THE SLUTS by Natalie Walton! This does not affect my review, nor rating of the book.

Double standards are about to get singled out.

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A night away at Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Earlier this week, my man and I had a mini one night getaway at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, a generous gift to him from his sister. The hotel is located in Canary Wharf, and is super gorgeous and surprisingly boujee.

It was an enjoyable stay and I quite liked it.

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In Conversation with Tashie Bhuiyan

I am so excited to post this interview with the lovely Tashie Bhuiyan.

Her YA debut, COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU, releases in 2021, featuring a “Bangladeshi-Muslim teenager who navigates the difficulties of independence, family, and first love after being roped into a fake dating facade by a classmate”. I’m even more excited because Tashie herself is Bangladeshi, and having this representation in publishing is so, so needed.

I am eager to get my hands on COUNTING DOWN WITH YOU. Like, can it be 2021 already pls?

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It’s the little moments

It’s another day, though it is the love of my life’s birthday and we celebrated this day the only way we could in this ceaseless period of confusion and weirdness, of survival, of appreciating the simple blisses of being with him. Spending time together. Holding each other.

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Emily in Paris: where’s the loyalty?

I watched Netflix’s latest rom-com show, Emily in Paris, as soon as it aired and . . . well, I have thoughts. Lots of thoughts. Emily in Paris was directed by the creator of Sex and the City, Darren Star. It’s a feel-good, lighthearted show, released at a perfect time, amidst an ongoing pandemic, whilst most cities are going back under lockdown. It’s the story of every girl’s dream: getting an absolutely amazing fucking opportunity in a dream job, moving to the dreamy Paris and becoming a bit of an Insta influencer, all in a very short time period. (Like, a week.)

(Btw, I’m totally going to include spoilers!)

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Communication matters

My attachment style has always been anxiously preoccupied, for as long as I can remember — from childhood to my teenage years and the first year of my twenties. Only since meeting J, has it changed to (about 51%) leaning more on the secure side.

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I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life

(Note: I can honestly say, writing this piece for the Metro was so important — as it not only includes the discussion of Islamophobia and the terror (aka terrorism) of it, but the removal of the hijab as a result. Of course, as I’ve mentioned Islamophobia is not the only reason I no longer (fully) wear it. But it is a core part of it, and it is a danger and problem we need to face and battle, condemn because there is no benefit from it — only further harm and damage.

I hope there is significant change made to combat Islamophobia (and racism) because it is so so dangerous and vile. In many ways, i was surprised the response I received was so positive — because a small part of me expected to get some kind of hate, because lord knows there are some bigots out there. {And even expecting this to happen speaks volumes of the kind of toxicity that exists in today’s world.})

[this is an excerpt from an article i wrote for the Metro.]

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a hopeless note of despair, or a dreamless slumber of lost motivation

It’s been a few weeks since uni started and I’m finding myself . . . trawling along, lost and wondering what to do. Even writing seems to be somewhat out of reach — I don’t know how to simply do or be anything, or exist. I’m fine but I’m just? I don’t know.

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Thank you so much to Head of Zeus for sending me this book to review — it meant a ton ; this in no way affects my review or rating.

Trigger warning: bizarre as fuck gore / animal death / mentions of blood, explosions and death

Samantha Heather Mackey couldn’t be more of an outsider in her small, highly selective MFA program at New England’s Warren University.

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Break the taboo: on sexual abuse, hypersexuality and cultural stigma

[This is a snippet from the article I wrote for Clitbait.]

Trigger warning: mentions of sexual assault

Disclaimer: featured image via colorsofhoney.

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