Chai Ki

i never really go to Indian restaurants, since i basically eat rice and curry at home anyway. but something about Chai Ki just really intrigued me, and i had to give it a little visit. kind of glad i did, tbh. it’s a cute, slightly fancy restaurant with a few branches spread out across London….

Dalloway Terrace

this morning, Nahima and i went to Dalloway Terrace for breakfast. whenever we meet, one of us is always late. always. (usually, it’s her.) thankfully, i’d called up Dalloway the moment i got to the tube station, because i knew we’d end up running late. when we did get there, we were shown to a…

Grounded Coffee Company (part 2)

hey, lovelies! i hope you all had a good sunday! mine was spent with family, catching up and discussing the future and having fun “remember-when” conversations, followed by fat, greasy takeout food! it was pretty great. but now i’m home, under my blanket, fairy lights twinkling bright and colourful, putting up a part two of…

Cafe East

Cafe East is the latest hotspot for numerous instagrammers and it’s been making its way round twitter, as the place to go to for brunch. so of course, i just had to check it out with N. since, you know, brunch is Our Thing.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

haaaaii ^.^ i’m back with a food review, since i have missed writing about food and occasionally waxing lyrical about the stuff i’ve devoured. wait have i ever actually done that? probably not.

Ristorante Roma

after walking around in the freezing cold for a few hours in Berlin, Nahima and i were shivering, starving and praying we’d find somewhere good (and cheap) to eat. then, lo and behold, like the angels had answered our prayers, Ristorante Roma appeared in front of us.

Yada Yada

in my recent post, i mentioned Yada Yada, an adorable breakfast club in Berlin. halfway in our journey from East Side Gallery to Checkpoint Charlie, Nahima and i came across this stunning little café.

Las Iguanas: Cocktails and Heart-to-Hearts

hi, my loves! i hope all your weekends are going well? i’m kind of drowning in reading for uni and looming deadlines! but in the middle of making notes, drafting my essay and reading 5 different books, i figured i’d do a little review on Las Iguanas. Las Iguanas is a gorgeous Mexican restaurant with…


hey loves, hope you all had a great monday! i’m in a blanket burrito right now because it is so unbelievably cold and it’s only november. yikes. but as it is, today’s blog post is on Sketch, a super pretty and aesthetic restaurant in Mayfair.

Alto by San Carlo

hey lovelies! so i thought i’d start off with a food review of this gorgeous italian restaurant in the heart of west end. it’s located in selfridges, oxford street, with its own lift. how cool is that? i’ve been to this place twice.