My Ovaries & Me

Earlier, I wrote about needing a conversation surrounding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS for short), I mentioned that I often get irregular periods. While that has been the case for many years, around 2017, my period began to have a little more of a pattern to it, whether it would be a week early or two…

Self Love vs Self Hate

Body Image Series: Part 1 In the height of perfect bodies, small waists, perky breasts and a flat stomach with a big bum, it can become dangerous to flip through magazines, scroll through Instagram, or even so much as go on any social media platform. Body image is our own perception of our body, how…

Depression: a friend that never leaves

TRIGGER WARNING: DEPRESSION, ABUSE & MENTION OF SUICIDAL THOUGHTS the bitter truth about depression is that it never truly goes away. sure, there are some days that are better than others, where you’re so unbelievably happy you think nothing can ever ruin it — but it doesn’t last. i guess emotions are fleeting.

Children’s Mental Health Week

this week (3rd-9th February) is children’s mental health week. it’s set up by children’s mental health charity, place2be, and highlights the gravity of children and young people’s mental health. the theme this year is ‘find your brave‘.