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I was taught to believe solo sex is a sin — but it’s not shameful 
I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life 


How To Take Care Of Yourself When You Have PCOS
The Best Scented Candles For A Relaxing Evening
Why I’m Over Comparing Myself To Instagram Models
My Mum Tracy Beaker: Let’s Talk About Justine Littlewood’s Storyline
Is There A Link Between Food And Fertility?
How To Bring Sex Back Into A Sexless Relationship
Are Aphrodisiacs Legit? How Food Can Improve Your Sex Life
15 Companies Offering Amazing Meals This Valentine’s Day
The Best Vegan Chocolate For Valentine’s Day 
Why It’s Important To Talk About Sex And Masturbation
What Is The Link Between Gluten And Depression? 
Good Foods To Eat When You Have Inflammatory PCOS 
10 Delicious Foods (That We Love) That Can Boost Your Immune System 
I Went Dairy-Free For Good — This Is What I’ve Learned So Far 
My Favourite Foods That Make Me Feel Better After A Breakup 
How Sugar Right Before Bed Affects A Good Night’s Sleep 
The Relationship Between Food and PCOS: What You Need To Know 
7 Of The Best Mocktail Recipes, For Anyone Who Doesn’t Drink (Or Just Doesn’t Want To) 


Brown Boy Privilege
Sex Education Series: Consent Is Sexy 
I Spent 2 Nights At The Hospital After Having Sex For The First Time 
Keeping A Relationship Healthy When You’re Around Each Other 24/7 Is Tough 
Sex Education Series: how having Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome affects more than just the menstrual cycle 
The Strangeness Of Bad News
When Should Sex Really End? 
Unpacking Bridgerton On Sexism And Consent: How Far Have We Come?
My first Christmas was different from the romanticised version in my head
Sex Education Series: Different Types of Discharge 
Why I cried when my boyfriend bought me Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
What I am learning dating a white man 


We need more support and information on PCOS 
Why I still listen to Taylor Swift 
Gilmore Girls, Growing Up and Getting Out 
Diversity in Children’s Books & Why We Need to Do Better 
How to recognise and let go of a toxic friendship 
How to Fall in Love Again (and Keep It Healthy) 
The 3 Lessons I Learned Over 3 Years 


Book Review: A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J Maas 
Having Books As Friends Doesn’t Make You Weird 
‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ Explores Relationships and Healing 
Jacqueline Wilson’s Impact and the Power of Representation 
The Book that Changed How I See Relationships 


Here are some more places where my work has been featured


Times Two: a short story
Break the taboo: on sexual abuse, hypersexuality, and cultural stigma 
Sex, Religion and Culture 
The Brown Girl’s Guide to Moving Out
Dear past me, you’ll learn to love yourself amidst the chaos 


From Regency to Reality: Viewing South Asian Culture from the Mirror of Bridgerton


The Cost of Fast Fashion and the Power of (Small Business) Lingerie


The Complexities of My Muslim Faith 


Being a Mature Student and following an unconventional timeline 


All is Complicated in Faith and Love 
Cleaning doesn’t mean I’m not a feminist 
Let’s Talk About Mental Health 
Izzat and Sharam: The Enforcers of Silence


5 beauty products every student needs in their makeup bag 


I spoke on the BBC Asian Network radio show, Group Chat, in February 2021 about South Asian attitudes toward HIV, getting tested and conversations surrounding sex.

I appeared on the BBC Asian Network radio show, Group Chat, in October 2020 to talk about my journey with the hijab, taking it off and facing Islamophobia.

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