The Aviary

Two days before my birthday (24/08/2020), Nahima and I went to The Aviary for a pre-birthday dinner celebration. We thought that, like usual, we were running late but thankfully we arrived with a minute to spare.

22 things I learnt before turning 22

It’s one-thirty a.m. as I write this, on august 26, and it’s my birthday. I’m twenty-two today. It feels a little surreal and weird to have gotten here, not that I thought I wouldn’t make it to this age, this very moment per se, just that so much has happened. Everything that transpired over the…


hey loves, hope you all had a great monday! i’m in a blanket burrito right now because it is so unbelievably cold and it’s only november. yikes. but as it is, today’s blog post is on Sketch, a super pretty and aesthetic restaurant in Mayfair.