Why I cried when my boyfriend bought me Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

[this is a synopsis from an article I wrote for Medium.] During the early days of my relationship with J, I was still in this haze of ‘pinch-me-I’m-dreaming’ because being treated with so much love, acceptance and wholesome kindness felt so unreal to me. I didn’t know what to do with all the love, allContinue reading “Why I cried when my boyfriend bought me Ben & Jerry’s ice cream”

Why my sexuality is none of your business

You don’t need evidence about sexuality: on being bi and why it’s none of your business Lately, I’ve become more attuned to bisexual erasure, more so because I’ve been asked questions to ‘prove’ my sexuality, which shouldn’t be anyone’s business anyway. A lot of people tend to say “you’re not bi because you’ve never beenContinue reading “Why my sexuality is none of your business”

Dating in a pandemic

When I first met my boyfriend earlier this year, I didn’t expect everything that followed to be so movie-esque. It all unfurled slowly, like the lead up to the conflict that inevitably transpires before the predictable Happily Ever After we all want, wish, and hope for. The search for a Happily Ever After sinks inContinue reading “Dating in a pandemic”

Gilmore Girls, Growing Up and Getting Out

[This article was first written for and published on The Opinion Panel. This is just a snippet of the article.] As I write this, I’m a few short weeks away from turning 22, something I am both looking forward to and dreading, because it means getting another year older, but still not having accomplished everythingContinue reading “Gilmore Girls, Growing Up and Getting Out”

Marriage {as set out by brown culture}

[read about brown boy privilege here.] When it comes to marital relationships in brown culture, there’s something like a guideline to adhere to, lest we’re told to return to our father’s home and not go back. It’s misogynistic, sexist and dripping with patriarchy.

What I am learning dating a white man

For years, whilst learning and unlearning so many truths and the history behind not just my culture and my people, about the impact Britain left behind on Bangladesh, once part of India with Pakistan, I, in all complete honesty, wasn’t a fan of white people as a whole. Individual white people, I liked of course.Continue reading “What I am learning dating a white man”

Not Any Less Asian

Around 4am this morning, i was reading “Dating out of your community does not make you less” by Aafiyah Shaikh, and it made me deep a few things really–like how me dating a white man can be seen as a betrayal of sorts to some people in my community, and to my ethnicity. Usually whenContinue reading “Not Any Less Asian”