The Art of Faking It #2

Happy Monday, xo I hope everyone’s having a pretty great day. I thought I would start the week off with another little teaser from my book, The Art of Faking It. You can order it on Amazon and on Book Depository — where you get an alternate cover. And if you have a library card,…

When Should Sex Really End?

He ejaculates, rolls off you and says it was great and now he’s tired. ‘Is that really it?’ you think. [This is a snippet from my article on Medium.]

Marriage {as set out by brown culture}

[read about brown boy privilege here.] When it comes to marital relationships in brown culture, there’s something like a guideline to adhere to, lest we’re told to return to our father’s home and not go back. It’s misogynistic, sexist and dripping with patriarchy.