Gilmore Girls, Growing Up and Getting Out

[This article was first written for and published on The Opinion Panel. This is just a snippet of the article.] As I write this, I’m a few short weeks away from turning 22, something I am both looking forward to and dreading, because it means getting another year older, but still not having accomplished everythingContinue reading “Gilmore Girls, Growing Up and Getting Out”

Marriage {as set out by brown culture}

[read about brown boy privilege here.] When it comes to marital relationships in brown culture, there’s something like a guideline to adhere to, lest we’re told to return to our father’s home and not go back. It’s misogynistic, sexist and dripping with patriarchy.

22 things I learnt before turning 22

It’s one-thirty a.m. as I write this, on august 26, and it’s my birthday. I’m twenty-two today. It feels a little surreal and weird to have gotten here, not that I thought I wouldn’t make it to this age, this very moment per se, just that so much has happened. Everything that transpired over theContinue reading “22 things I learnt before turning 22”

Taking a step back

Thoughts begin to accumulate, feelings slowly build and rise inside, a whisper of a forsaken past and memories from Before. Nostalgia sweeps in like a suffocating embrace, blurring the hopes for Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow with the ever constant pressure from Now. Achievements always in comparison, never enough, a hopeless fire of rage andContinue reading “Taking a step back”

Putting Patriarchy in the Past

Disclaimer: picture credit: Steph Martin Note: I was going through a few of my things to re-organise and came across this op-ed I wrote in 2015 on the gender pay gap. It is still, unfortunately relevant. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported: Among all employees the [gender pay] gap fell from 17.8% in 2018Continue reading “Putting Patriarchy in the Past”

On love and heartbreak: is it worth it?

Throughout history and literature, there have been various forms of art depicting, explaining and showcasing love, and along with it, heartbreak. They are not just words you read or hear about, but rather emotions felt reverberating in the deepest parts of us, for as long as we’ve existed. I’ve felt both. I have written aboutContinue reading “On love and heartbreak: is it worth it?”