Dreaming of ways to get out

TRIGGER WARNING: mental health / depression As always, it has been a while since my last post, and for those of you loyal readers who continue to stay and support me, thank you. I know I’m nowhere near as consistent as I used to be, about a year or two ago — which is very…


hey everyone, how’s your Saturday going so far? i’ve got a couple deadlines in a few days and instead of doing that, i’m rewatching Modern Family. (as if i didn’t finish it like three days ago lmao). I just wanted to make this post to let you all know about my cute (new!!!!!) cover for…

The Art of Faking It #3

It’s the last day of Ramadan and I come bearing good news . . . My novel, The Art of Faking It, is currently free for purchase as an ebook on Amazon! This free promotion ends on the 14th May at 23:59 so please get it before then! It’s a pretty amazing book, if i…

2020 in review: the highs, the lows and the in-between

When the year first began, it started off with hope and a firm belief of making it ‘the year of me’, of being the absolute best version of myself and making moves. From finding and securing work placements and internships, to getting a part time job. The year was filled with moments that have shaped…

It’s the little moments

It’s another day, though it is the love of my life’s birthday and we celebrated this day the only way we could in this ceaseless period of confusion and weirdness, of survival, of appreciating the simple blisses of being with him. Spending time together. Holding each other.

I stopped wearing my hijab because I was scared for my life

(Note: I can honestly say, writing this piece for the Metro was so important — as it not only includes the discussion of Islamophobia and the terror (aka terrorism) of it, but the removal of the hijab as a result. Of course, as I’ve mentioned Islamophobia is not the only reason I no longer (fully)…

Marriage {as set out by brown culture}

[read about brown boy privilege here.] When it comes to marital relationships in brown culture, there’s something like a guideline to adhere to, lest we’re told to return to our father’s home and not go back. It’s misogynistic, sexist and dripping with patriarchy.

Absolution / reckoning

[This is a snippet from a letter in the “Dear past me” section I wrote for Clitbait.]

What I am learning dating a white man

For years, whilst learning and unlearning so many truths and the history behind not just my culture and my people, about the impact Britain left behind on Bangladesh, once part of India with Pakistan, I, in all complete honesty, wasn’t a fan of white people as a whole. Individual white people, I liked of course….