Earlier this week, my man and I had a mini one night getaway at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel, a generous gift to him from his sister. The hotel is located in Canary Wharf, and is super gorgeous and surprisingly boujee.

It was an enjoyable stay and I quite liked it.

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I miss the massive bed and all the mirrors to be honest.

Check-in was at 3pm but we arrived a little earlier. I’d wanted to do a little romantic decor for the room, with rose petals and the towels in a swan decor but they were charging practically £45 which is just ridiculous, when I know other hotels (5* ones at that!) do it complimentary. for £0. But these lot wanted me to give 45 great British pounds? 45 British pound sterling? Are they mad? And banners and balloons would’ve been £25. Smh.

Because of this extortionate price, and discussing with his sister, I opted not to go for either package. Even despite this, we had a lovely time. Well, we enjoyed and made use of the hotel room. (Also, omg the bathroom [which I unfortunately didn’t take any pics of] was SO beautiful!)

The restaurant just seemed overpriced (I mean, who’s going to pay £15 for a burger?), so we went with UberEats and got some dead food from American Grill or whatever it was called. I used some BBQ sauce on the fries, which made it better, but the burger and the ‘spicy’ wings were beyond saving. Not even the milkshake was worth it.

(Excuse the clingfilm still covering the milkshake lol)

But we opted for takeout because neither of us wanted to spend ridiculous amounts on food, or a burger or even on what was basically just chicken (which was £22), when the most I’d spent on a burger was £9.65 from Gourmet Burger Kitchen.

Other than that, the experience of this hotel was decent — both J and I preferred the last hotel we stayed at, which was citizenM, as a little break from reality. There wasn’t even anywhere super nice with views to chill at either, and you’d think being on a yacht, there would be. But no.

Our fridge was also missing water bottles which I called down to reception for, and they promptly delivered it to our room, which was good. (I mean it should’ve already been there.) The breakfast the next day was great, we both really enjoyed it but it was £38 for an English breakfast and tea (when J wanted coffee lol) and juice boxes of apple juice and orange juice. Please, why not a glass?

It’s not even a 5* star hotel and they’re out here acting all prestige with their prices. Please, Sunborn / Lands End Restaurant isn’t on that high high high level to be the price it is, for the food.

The room prices, however, I can understand.

The room and bathroom were absolutely stunning, like I said.

The bathroom had a bidet hose which was a LIFESAVER for me, otherwise I would’ve ended up using the shower each time after a wee or something. Honestly, I think a bidet should be in every house and hotel bathroom. It’s amazing.

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I love it. It seemed way easier than a lota/bodna as well, to be honest. Might ask my parents if we can install one in our bathroom too. It’s far more convenient than having to constantly fill up the bodna, especially when you’re desperate for the loo.

After our breakfast, J and I had an hour or so nap and then got ready to leave. Overall, I’d rate the hotel 2.5 stars out of 5. Maybe if we had a more extended stay at the hotel, it could’ve been better. I am glad we got to experience it though, and we actually went somewhere aesthetically pleasing for J’s birthday and had a nice time there, despite the shitty food.

Would I recommend it? Sure, the room prices are decent and you can find good deals for the place on Wowcher and Groupon. It’s in a decent area, as well, with shops and other restaurants a 5-10 minute walk away.

Let me know if you do decide to check it out and your thoughts on it! I’d love to hear from you. And tell me your top spots for a staycation in the UK!

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